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Thursday night was without a doubt the crown jewels of our Bangkok nightlife experience: a rooftop networking pool party at the Marriott Hotel for Thai movie stars, models, actors and celebrities. Once again we’d been invited by Jack, but due to various work obligations (and hangovers), only Herb and I actually made it out.

I have to admit, it’s not all that often that I feel intimidated by social situations – but here…well, let’s just say that from the moment we walked through the door it was obvious we were way outside of our element. Everything was pure top-class: a wine and hors d’vors party themed “Women in White and Men in Black,” the place was riddled with photographers, flood lights, stiletto heels, and grape-sized diamond earrings. Physically I came up to about chest-level on most of the guys there (and a good number of the girls, too). This was going to be an interesting night.

Yet despite our initial apprehension, we were pleasantly surprised to find that – once we finally opened our mouths – the people were remarkably receptive. Over the course of the evening we connected with several groups: a very cute event promoter and her assistant, a group of Thai models who invited us to an afterparty at another club called Demo, a Burmese socialite out for some fun with two of her friends, and even the headliner DJ, Charly. The latter three of these groups we met within the party’s final hour, while walking around in our underwear.

Oh wait…did I skip that part? 😛

Although it was *supposed* to be a pool party, not one person actually jumped in until the food was long gone and things were starting to wrap up. Herb and I did have our trunks in a backpack downstairs, but when Charly and one or two others spontaneously hopped in in their unmentionables, you know we were soon to follow.

A few weeks later the photo shown here appeared on Facebook. The most surprising part: someone actually remembered my name and tagged me! 🙂

Once the event came to an end, Tena (the Burmese girl), Jiabs, and their friend (first photo above) invited us to join them at Mixx, a new club that had just opened a few blocks away. But as it’s slated to be an after-hours venue it was still quite dead, so we quickly decided to head elsewhere.

(…The girls also seemed anxious to escape from Charly who’d come along with us – I’m not too sure why, but they were pretty clear so we hopped in their cars and continued onward.)

Next up was Demo. Now THIS is more like it! No cover, packed to the rafters, and right next door to 3 or 4 other gigantic venues.

Man, when they say Bangkok is fun every night of the week they really aren’t kidding!

The five of us remained together until somewhere around 2:30 when Demo started to close and Tena and her friends headed home – they all had work the following morning. Herb and I, as you might’ve guessed, did not. And fortunately we just happened to run into into the second group from the Marriott event, and they just happened to know of yet another continuation party, and they just happened to invite us to join them. 🙂 This time it was a hookah bar and blacklight club called Panda.

…But that didn’t last long, as only minutes after our arrival we received a tipoff that a police raid was about to go down so we quickly high-tailed it out of there. That’s alright. Although busy, Panda wasn’t so much my cup of tea anyway: clearly one of those “come with your group, stay with your group, don’t talk to anyone new” types of spots.

Next up was Shock 39…or as we call it, “SAM SIP GAAAO!” *(inside joke)

In Bangkok, all roads lead to Sam Sip Gao. It’s the ultimate late-night venue, always a fun spot to wrap up a long night out.

All in all, not bad evening for a Wednesday. I got home at around 6 😉

Note: If it seems odd to go to five different venues in one night, there actually is a specific reason for this – and it’s probably not what you think. I’ll get to in an upcoming post.

  9 Responses to “VIP Connections”

  1. You’re starting to look more like your dad, especially in that pool pic.

  2. Sounds like an amazing night. Wish I had been there 😀

  3. @Nick: Really? Hopefully you mean that in a good way, and not in a “you look like you’re getting old” way 😛

    @P: One day!

    @Andy: Haha…always 😉

  4. Count on it!

  5. “SAM SIP GAAAO!” – that’s 39 in cantonese, isn’t it? or, close to it, at least… 🙂

  6. It’s 39 in Thai!

  7. The (Unknown) girl was another Burmese girl, whose name sounds like the letter A.
    Oh and we left Mixx because the DJ was insistent on staying there and waiting until it filled up. When there’s so much nightlife all across the city, I don’t see the point in having to wait for one venue.

    Where did that Bangkok Scene photo come from?! Damnit, I should have taken off my clothes faster and been in there with you. (Please don’t quote that out of context.) You also forgot to mention that I was feverish from the beginning but knew you needed a wingman, so I came out and rocked the scene sober. 😉

    saam sip gaaaaao!!! The number four sounds similar in a lot of Asian languages.

  8. I think Aimeka tagged me; it was taken almost immediately after I jumped in the pool, when there were just a couple people in there.

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