Feb 192011

Our final night in Bangkok has at last arrived. It’s been one wild ride, and I think I can safely say that neither Herb nor I feel anywhere near ready to leave. What we expected to be a fairly typical week of tourism had somehow turned into an experience one could normally only hope for after years of living in a city: underground afterhours nightclubs, yacht parties, VIP events, and two phonebooks overflowing with numbers.

Yes, Bangkok has taken good care of us. It’s without even an inkling of doubt that I say I will be back. Soon. In all likelihood…very soon. 😉

For our last hurrah in the big city, we started at an event called “Glow” – an open bar event characterized by black lights, white shirts, glowsticks, and all the neon paint you can handle.

And therein lies the problem. We expected the former three features, so both Herb and I wore our favorite pure white clubbing shirts. We did not expect the last, so we emerged with our shirts splattered pink and yellow despite our best efforts to keep them clean. Damn!

We were also shocked when we arrived to find that nearly everyone there looked about 18 years old. Because…they were about 18 years old.


Apparently the organizers forgot to mention on the flyer that this was a party for study-abroad highschool students; For as mature and upper-class as the vibe felt at the VIP networking event one night prior, this felt pretty much the exact opposite. Young kids acting like idiots and shamelessly failing to hold their liquor. Oh well, I guess ya can’t win ’em all 😛

And in the end, it was still a great night out. Both Evan (the incredibly fun guy from the first night at Nana Liquid) and Tena/Jiabs (the Burmese girl and her friend from the pool event at the Marriott) had agreed to join, so the five of us took advantage of the open bar before piling into a cab and heading elsewhere.

First stop was Q-Bar where Stefan joined our ranks, then Narz which was far busier than it had been on our first visit a few nights prior. We stayed here as late as we could, until Herb and I had no choice but to give in and tear ourselves away.

See, when I started this post by saying it was our last night in Bangkok, I really meant it: we had tickets on a bus to Ko Phangan departing 5am the following morning. Our bags had already been packed, we’d prepaid for our rooms, and were planning to bolt straight from the club to the station – with just a quick stop to pick up our stuff.

So after a few minutes of hugs and goodbyes we hailed a cab back to Sukhumvit – with Stefan alongside. He was nice enough to see us off, and since we somehow made it with a few minutes to spare, the three of us grabbed breakfast in a chrome-plated Indian restaurant on nearby Soi Arab.

Then we continued to Khao San, checked in with a dozen or so other backpackers, boarded the bus, and passed out.

When we awoke 8 hours later we were in tropical paradise.

Random side-note: the photo in this post with the woman from Happy Inn was actually taken at 4am, right as we were checking out. Notice the neon pink paint on Herb’s white shirt.

  11 Responses to “Glow”

  1. Just to clarify, it was not Glow that you went to it was Whip or “wip” in Thonglor.. The hi-so hood.
    The chrome place was Egyptian. just to clarify suru!
    catch up on all your blogging, because we are going back to the boat for a 5 day cruse party, homeboy, so get your liver cells ready. Fun starts around march 3-5 for the departure day. From what the captain said, the alcohol will be ‘free’.

  2. I thought the event was called Glow and the venue Wip2. That’s the hi-so area? We didn’t really get a chance to walk around; just grabbed a couple moto taxis from the BTS station straight to the club. I guess I’ll be getting another chance soon enough, though! 😉

  3. Great endurance!

    I’ve eaten at the chrome place 🙂

    You can celebrate me on the boat.

  4. I need to work on my sexy pose…

    That shirt took forever to get clean.

  5. @Peder: Whoa, Ironic! …Or maybe not, since we were staying in the spot you recommended 🙂

    @Herb: Then get your ass back here. I’m sure Tena would be happy to help 😉

  6. Yeah, and the restaurant is pretty blingy 😀 Hard to miss as you walk by and the prices ain’t half bad.

  7. Eh, I wouldn’t go to the blingy restaurant again. Tiny portions for relatively higher prices.

  8. I tend to agree with Herb…the food was good, but easily 2-3x what you’d pay for a similar portion elsewhere (granted, it is Indian food which is a bit more expensive in general)

  9. I can’t tear myself away from your blogs.
    Ugh!!! Can’t wait to read more 🙂

  10. Well thanks! 🙂 Haha I’ve got a lot of catching up to do…like…3 months worth of it! 😛

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