The following is a list of (mostly) coding projects I've worked on, both professionally and for hobby:

US Radar Studio (2015-Present)

A Windows application for post-processing & visualizing Ground-Penetrating Radar Data, designed and developed for US Radar, Inc. Includes advanced DSP algorithms, 2D & 3D annotation & drawing tools, 3D isosurface rendering, GPS mapping, reporting, & many export options (AutoCAD, ArcGIS, Google Earth, Seismic Unix, etc). Written in C# .NET (WPF/MVVM).

US Radar Controller Software (2010-Present)

A proprietary software package developed as the onboard controller for Ground-Penetrating Radar equipment manufactured by US Radar, Inc. Interfaces with single & multichannel radar systems, concrete scanners, GPS receivers, Robotic Total Station, & includes many of the data processing & visualization features of Radar Studio. Written in C# .NET (WinForms).

Press Releases (specific to my work):

Plaid Transaction Downloader (2020)

A tool for downloading transactions from financial institutions via the Plaid API, and outputting them in an aggregated QIF file for easy importing to financial software (i.e. Quicken). Uses a local webserver for the authorization flow & remembers the last download date so it can be run at regular intervals without overlap in the transactions output. Written in Node.

Yourls Clipper (2019)

A cross-platform clipper application for Yourls. Provides a way to shorten links directly from/to the system clipboard, via a system-wide hotkey. Written in Node.

Printable Playa Schedule (2015-2022)

A tool that exports the full list of Burning Man Playa Events and art installations to a sortable, printable Excel spreadsheet. Data supplied by the official Playa Events API, BurnerMap API & Unofficial BRC Map KMLs.

Foursquare KML Builder (2013)

A web script to process FourSquare checkins & build a KML map of routes & placemarkers. Coupling this with jKMLMap (below) enables me to automatically construct interactive maps of my world travels, published to this site in realtime. The resulting maps can be seen on the Travellog page.

Encoder Spinner (2011)

Built a custom electronic device to facilitate remote debugging of Ground-Penetrating Radar equipment. By providing a way to manipulate its rotary encoder, and thus simulate physical motion, this allows me to work remotely without the need to carry heavy machinery during my travels.

Home Automation & Self-Hosted Services (2010-Present)

Many projects related to device hacking/customization, home automation, & self-hosted web services. Some examples:

  • Programmable home automation system (Insteon/ISY-994i)
  • Custom home security system (based on Blue Iris)
  • Home media centers (ODROID, Kodi, & Emby)
  • Self-hosted web services (in Docker): git, bug tracker, time tracker (ManicTime), location tracker (OwnTracks), CardDAV/CalDAV, file sharing, file syncing, link shortener, VPN, Firefox Sync, automated offsite backups, & more.
WP-FB AutoConnect (2010-Present)

A Wordpress plugin for integrating one-click Facebook login & user registration. Offers pluggable, customizable code that's easy to use as a starting point for more advanced Facebook API functionality.

With over 350,000 downloads and counting, it has given me a place among the top 200 plugin developers worldwide.

WP-FB AutoConnect Premium (2010-Present)

A paid addon to the free WP-FB-AutoConnect Wordpress plugin. Implements additional functionality, including BuddyPress integration, shortcode support, avatar caching, custom redirects, login restrictions, role customization, and many other advanced features.

WP-ViperGB (2010)

A Wordpress plugin designed to replicate the appearance and behavior of the discontinued Viper Guestbook project. It automatically creates a functional and user-friendly guestbook that lives in a standard Wordpress page, including features like skin selection, location/browser/OS detection, user-uploadable images, paged entries, and more.

Facebook Photo Fetcher (2010)

My first publicly-released Wordpress plugin, designed to allow bloggers to quickly and easily generate customizable photo galleries by importing them from existing Facebook albums. It provides a backend admin panel for regular users as well as a simple API for developers to fetch galleries from their templates or widgets.

jKMLMap (2010)

A Javascript/AJAX solution to parse a Google Earth KML file and generate a GMaps interface for displaying its markers and paths. Supports adding/removing markers via collapsable hierarchical sidebar menus, asynchronous loading and unloading of KML data, pop-up marker captions, and more.

This script was originally written in 2006 as the basis for my travellog here, undergoing heavy revision before its release as free/opensource code in 2010. (2010)

A Google Maps interface for's real estate division, developed in collaboration with of Oslo, Norway.

Includes a front-end map for displaying property locations & information to clients as well as a back-end admin panel for repositioning properties & interacting with the underlying database.

Freelance Wordpress Work (2010-2012)

Engaged in multiple freelance Wordpress projects, including custom Facebook integrations, purpose-built plugins, automation, debugging/conflict resolution, & more. Clients include LAM Social Club, Nathanial James Official, EverythingActing, Truth About Abs, 1000 Dreams, & many others.

FloorPlanner 3D (2009-2010)

A 3D raytracing package for interior design, developed in collaboration with of Oslo, Norway.

Development on this product has been suspended indefinitely.

Anti-Piracy Library (2009)

An advanced copy protection library written in native C++ (client side) and PHP/MySQL (server side). Includes:

  • Online activation, deactivation, and clock validation
  • 128-bit strong encryption and CRC error checking to prevent sniffing or manipulation of activation data
  • Digital watermarking to uniquely tag binaries to legal owners
  • Hardware-based system validation to prevent license sharing between machines
  • Self-modifying binaries to prevent cracks from functioning
  • Numerous obfuscation techniques to combat decompilation
Language Tools (2009)

Created various tools to assist foreign language study, including:

  • Free plugins for the SRS software Anki (written in Python).
  • A Windows Mobile app to enable keyboard-driven toggle of the CE-Star language IME
  • Japanese glossaries for the Babylon translation dictionary, generated by a custom C++/CLI parser (free downloads):
    • EDICT, the most complete En<->Jp dictionary available.
    • ENAMDICT, an extended glossary of names and places.
    • Heisig Indices for all kanji appearing in RTK vol 1-3.
The Kifani Collection (2008-2009)

Developed the name, story, and core marketing concept for a multimillion dollar diamond collection owned and distributed by Rahaminov Diamonds of Los Angeles, CA.

Also created various advertising materials in Flash, as well as backend PHP server code for their customer and product database.

Massive Radargram Scroller (2008)

A 2D visualizer developed as an add-on module to Dr. Dean Goodman's internationally acclaimed GPR-Slice software (see below). Its highly optimized streaming routines can load and display raw or preprocessed ground-penetrating microwave radar files in excess of two gigabytes - with less than a second of initial load time. It supports hand marker, survey wheel, and GPS navigation data from all of the major radar manufacturers.

Untitled Project (2006 - 2007)

Worked as a Nintendo DS gameplay programmer for a small development studio in Kyoto, Japan.

Unfortunately, the publisher decided to shelve the finished product to make room for the newer Wii console, released within weeks of our "going gold." Thus, I cannot provide any specific details.

GPR-SLICE View (2005-2006)

An MFC Windows application that I developed for geophysicist Dean Goodman at the Geophysical Archaeometry Laboratory in Los Angeles. It's used to manipulate and display 3D volumes of Ground-Penetrating Radar data in real-time. Dr. Goodman's list of over 170 clients from 21 countries includes the US Forest Service, the UK Ministry of Defense, and NASA. (2004-Present)

Built this site from the ground up, tying together original code with several well-known scripts under a common look-and-feel.

The original version was built on the b2evolution blog platform, with Gallery2 for photos and ViperGB for the guestbook. This was later migrated to Wordpress, involving a fully custom theme and many handwritten libraries, widgets, and plugins.

The current version is the third major iteration, now based on Suffusion. I've released some of my custom code as free open-source plugins (above).

Little Johnny Has Cirrhosis (2004)

A 3D online multiplayer video game that I designed and developed at UCSD. As creative and technical project lead, I personally managed our team of four programmers and one artist. I also coded all client-side game logic and the entire graphics engine. The finished product was delivered within ten weeks for a public demonstration before a live audience and television crew.

Quake 2 Loader & Animator (2004)

An API that I wrote for loading and manipulating 3D models based on the Quake 2 (MD2) file format. Written from scratch as a tool for Little Johnny Has Cirrhosis, this fully self-contained API handles all textures, weapons, and animations associated with a given model.

Particle Engine (2004)

An API that I wrote for handling particle effects in Little Johnny Has Cirrhosis. This fully self-contained particle engine supports point and line particle emitters, directional and single-point gravity sources, real-time level-of-detail adjustments, and more.

Bioinformatics Research Project (2004)

Software that I developed for Ph.D researcher A. Hoffman to visualize the chemical composition of the human cell with regards to a protein called NFkB. Dr. Hoffman's research uses complex differentials to model how NFkB regulates immune responses in an effort to learn more about various inflammatory diseases. My software helps expedite this by generating human-readable displays from large and complex mathematical data.

TwoFish Encryptor (2004)

A 128-bit Twofish Encryptor/Decryptor chip that I designed in Verilog for one of my Electrical Engineering courses at UCSD.

Airplane Simulator (2003)

A 3D interactive application that I developed for the US Department of Defense under a contract through Northrop Grumman/SPAWAR. This software connects to a piece of government hardware and receives positional data on navy battle groups, rendering the data on a relief-map of the earth. The map is generated from satellite images, and can be changed for level-of-detail in real-time.

PC-Adjunct (2003)

An application that I developed for the US Department of Defense under a contract through Northrop Grumman/SPAWAR. It is a navy training utility used to simulate the manual controls on a ship-to-aircraft communication system. Inputs are handled via DirectX and client/server connectivity through Windows Sockets.

8-Bit CPU (2003)

An 8-bit CPU and corresponding Instruction Set Architecture that I designed and implemented in XILINX. This project was aimed at providing a better understanding of low-level computer architecture and memory management, necessary knowledge for developing efficient real-time software applications.

Windows Chat Application (2002)

A simple internet chat application for Windows. This was a personal project to teach myself the fundamentals of network programming. It allows multiple users to connect to a chat room server over the Internet.

UCSD (2000-2004)

Although not really a "project," I list my alma mater here for lack of a better place to mention some of my academic engineering work:

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