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One of the many great aspects of travel is that it always seems to provide unexpected opportunities to reconnect with old friends from abroad. Even after all the trips I myself have taken, it never ceases to amaze me who manages to turn up in the most distant locations: friends from America in Asia, friends from Asia in Europe, friends from Europe in the Middle East. It truly is an international world.

On this particular trip, the most obvious example of such a reunion has been Stefan – my closest friend now living in Bangkok – but by another total coincidence, Steven, an expat I met in Osaka right around the time Peder and I became friends, was also in town for a little vacation. Steven is the guy holding the gun in the photo captioned “Freeze sucka” here, as well as in the third-to-last photo here.

So after Herb and I wrapped up our day of tourism and got ourselves ready for yet another night on the town, we arranged to meet Steven near our hotel on Soi 4. Then we popped across the street to grab a bite while we waited.

…Or so we thought.

Only moments after dashing across Sukhumvit, an ever-gridlocked 4-lane artery of central Bangkok, I heard someone scream my name as they whizzed by on a moto-taxi.

Amazing! Not only did Steven pass by at the *EXACT* instant we were crossing, but he actually managed to recognize me more than 2 years since our last meeting – and while dodging through traffic at 65kph.

We hopped straight on the BTS, then hired a couple motorcycles to drop us at the entrance of a club called Curve. Here, we’d been invited to a promotional event for RUSH magazine: free entry, free drinks, free bikini fashion show.

The event was lots of fun, but even more worthwhile was the opportunity to meet Jostein (aka Jack), the original creator (I think?) of the Facebook social group through which we’d been hearing about all these fantastic local events. He’s a Norwegian from Bergen – yet another incredibly friendly guy from Scandinavia. I’ll tell ya, they sure know how to make ’em cool over there! 🙂

Once the RUSH event wrapped up Steven and his friend headed home while the rest of us continued to Bed SupperClub, Bangkok’s #1 posh nightlife hotspot.

It was without question the best event of the trip so far.

Not only was the club itself really nice, but the people were both 99% beautiful and 99% friendly – an exceptionally unusual combination in my personal experience. The only catch was that Bed is quite expensive to enter (about on par with the more pricey Las Vegas nightclubs), and the door people are not interested in negotiating.

Luckily, Jack and Stefan did manage to work out a deal…eventually. They got us in by agreeing to split a bottle of champagne amongst the four of us, at a per-person cost of only half what cover alone should’ve normally been.

Let another epic night in Bangkok commence** 🙂

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  1. …Oops. Not like anyone (probably) cares, but moments after posting this I realized that I’d forgotten something entirely: Herb and I did not meet up with Steven straight after sightseeing. We actually sprinted across town to THE DENTIST!

    Because dental work is so much cheaper in Thailand than the US (and of nearly identical quality), we figured it’d be a good opportunity for a checkup…so we’d scheduled an appointment for later that afternoon (an appointment we almost didn’t make, due to pushing the sightseeing a bit longer than we should have).

    Turns out I had four cavities. Yay 😥

    By the time we finished at the dentist it was mere minutes before we were supposed to leave for the party, so we sprinted home, showered, and then met up with Steven. That’s why we’d planned to eat while waiting – we hadn’t had time to do so before 😛

  2. Sounds like a cool club

    Did u get the cavities filled in Thailand too?

  3. ‘Course! 🙂

  4. Hmm…I don’t think I’ve ever paid to enter Bed Supperclub 😛 Neither do many of the local girls nor airline personnel. But of course…I’m Scandinavian 😀

  5. Really?? From what I’ve heard, they’re known for having one of the highest cover charges. It even says it in Lonely Planet.

  6. Did I say they don’t have cover charges? I wrote that *I* haven’t paid to enter 😛 Helps having connections…

  7. Haha…baller 😉

  8. Stefan’s card would have worked for getting us past cover, but not for 4 people. 🙁

    So many people trying to jack our antlers!

  9. >>So many people trying to jack our antlers!

    Hahaha…it’s universal. Peder and I put up with it the world over 😆

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