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For the past six years, I’ve worked really hard to keep up a certain style of writing. I’ve strived to document my thoughts and experiences in full detail, creating a continuous narrative in which I “bring you along for the ride.” I wanted to share everything I see, feel, and experience in whichever part of the world I happen to I end up.

But sadly, it’s just not working anymore.

I’ve been hopelessly behind for well over a year, and keeping up seems an endless struggle. The knowledge that I’m “X months behind on writing” always hangs over my head, and as silly as it sounds, at times has even led to my skipping an opportunity I would’ve otherwise loved to take up. “If I do this it’ll just mean 500 more photos and another 2 days of writing, and I’m too far behind as it is.” So I’d stay in my room blogging about something I did half a year earlier.

To put it simply, the joy of sharing my experiences has taken a backseat to the burden of making time to do so. Maybe on shorter 2-3 month trips writing about each and every day was more feasible, but now that my trips span 9 months at a time it’s simply too much. Trying to juggle work, writing, sightseeing, exercise, and a social life is just making me insane. Something’s got to change, and that something is detail.

I’ve actually thought of changing my format a few times in the past, but each time I seem to’ve naturally fallen back into my old ways. I’m announcing this publicly so I don’t do so again. It’s now March and my last post took place in August, over half a year ago – and with no end in sight, if I don’t do something drastic I’ll never be realtime again. So from here on out, aside from particularly outrageous or spectacular events, I’ll do my best to summarize. How it goes is anyone’s guess – most likely it’ll mean relying more on photos than words – but I guess we’ll just have to see…

(Note: I actually have a few almost-finished drafts already, so the next few posts will be in the usual style…but I wanted to mention this now, before getting started again.)

  13 Responses to “Rethinking How I Blog”

  1. “Flew to ‘Nam, met Peder, iPhone stolen, ate snake, traveled south, had a rollercoaster to ourselves, fed a fish to a big fish, crawled in some tunnels, flew to Bangkok, here are some pics” 😛

  2. LMAO! Fed a fish to a big fish 😆

    But you forgot: Kazantip, Bakchisaray, Kiev, Sweden, Foamfest, Jagodina, and Bulgaria 😛

  3. If I had written about all of those, what would there be left for you to write about? 😛

  4. Ah yeah, good point. Sweet, I guess I’m caught up then! 😛

  5. Lol! 😀

  6. Haha! Just stick to important photos and captions! I will miss the older style, but I actually understand what you are saying in this post.

  7. Yeah. I seriously wish there were more hours in a day 😛

  8. veni vidi vici worked pretty well for Caesar.

  9. Sounds like a good way to catch up. You can always resume detailed posting in the future if you find things ease up (or not).

  10. @Dan: Haha you mean so Caesar could keep up on his blog? 😛

    @Andy: Yep, I hope so. Anyway, I couldn’t bear to skimp out on KTip either, so it’ll be at least a few more posts before I try to force myself to summarize 😉

  11. I still think you should come home, take a couple of months to compile videos and pics into one wild movie – “The Life of a Traveling Programmer/Le Digital Nomad/Have Net Will Travel – Part I”. Then next year, head back on the woolly roads of the world for “Part Deux”. And monetize it, baby! Not a blog, but an adventure film, your own version of “Endless Summer.”

  12. And skip out on the opportunity to take the Trans-Siberian with Herb, and subject myself to thousands of extra dollars of US income tax? Bah, humbug! 😉

  13. It sounds like a better way to balance your new changes.
    and LOL from “El Pedro”-

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