Mar 012012

Alright everyone…at loooonng last, let’s get back to the narrative 🙂

Some of you might recall the lucky outcome of a very unfortunate recent event. Within just a few days of arriving to join me in Vietnam, my dad was severely injured in a motorbike accident requiring an emergency flight back home. Luckily it was covered by his travel insurance, including a round-trip ticket for myself as his escort. However, recovery took so long that my window for returning to Asia had closed, so after a bit of corporate hoop-jumping, I managed to swap the ticket for one headed in the opposite direction.

And that’s right about where I left off. After an entirely unexpected 3 month hiatus in California followed by 27 hours of travel, I landed in Kiev and was on my way to a place I’d dreamed about since the first time I heard its name.


The next adventure has officially begun 🙂

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  1. I hope you Dad is O.K. It is hard to follow you because you do not sow your lasr posts in your web site.. I have to guess where it is.

  2. I don’t show my last posts on the website? How do you mean? If there’s something that needs to be fixed, I’ll get on it!

    Yep, he’s recovered…mostly.

  3. i have horrfible typing skills

  4. Hahahaha 😀 that’s not what I mean tho…I mean, are you having trouble viewing recent posts or something? 🙂

  5. barj da kawaka

  6. when i go on your web site, i do not know what country to check.

  7. You are great. you let me see places I will never see myself

  8. Thank you justin

  9. Just the most recent! I always post in order, even if I’m behind (except for small updates to say “I’m behind, but I’ll resume the narrative soon” :P) You can view the full index of posts via the “blog” tab:

  10. Thank you for the tip. Where are you right now?

  11. Siem Reap, Cambodia. The “Current Location” widget in the right sidebar is also always accurate, even when I’m behind on posting 🙂

  12. did i just miss you?! i was just in siem reap 5 days ago ….

  13. i highly recommend you come to sihanoukville [find the beach named Otres Beach] … then look for zen lounge and move two hostels north (where i’m staying has no name) then go to zen lounge for lunch/dinner and use really fast wifi .. it’s amazing! see my profile pic and my latest album: “Another day in paradise”

  14. Yup! I’ve been here for a month and a half 😛

    Damnnmn, that does look great. I definitely want to make it out to Sihanouk (and to be honest, am a bit eager to get moving) but I’m REALLY trying to get caught up first, if I can. My deadline to be in Bangkok is the 2nd week of April, and after that I’m gonna be on hyperdrive for at least a couple months.

  15. i can’t believe i did not contact you when i left thailand. i remember we exchanged emails saying you were in cambodia. tomorrow i leave otres beach and head to phnom penh, then off to laos. i don’t think i’ll be back in bangkok so i guess we’ll miss each other again. my bad. def. come here for 4 nights. the name of where i’m staying is golden sunset. seriously no other island in thailand (at least the east) can compare

  16. Yeah, that’s too bad…next time! I’m only passing through BKK this time anyway, on my way up North. Way North. Next stop: China->Mongolia->Russia!

  17. “The next adventure has officially begun ” – Yes!

    • Actually, I guess the next adventure began about seven months ago…maybe I should’ve said “The next adventure has officially begun to be documented.”

      Didn’t have quite the same ring to it, though 😛

  18. American is lame!

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