Dec 062004

While I feel like it’s pretty much impossible to convey just how much I hate ECE, I think that a couple of pictures might be about as good as I can do. Every few hours, I go downstairs to get a bite to eat, usually discovering one of my roomates doing something fun like designing and building his own longboard:

And when I return to my room each time I’m somehow surprised to find not quite as entertaining of a scene.
I wonder what it would look like if I didn’t throw all of my scratch paper away each time I got back upstairs…

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  1. hey, im trying to build my own longboard, do you have any tips/advice on what i should do? its for a school project, and im kinda new at this so i need all the help i can get. if you or your roommate have anything to say, could you email me at thanks a lot

  2. hey, it’s Nick! He and I lived in the same house first year (so random that he’s married now, btw). I didn’t know you guys lived together…what a small world.

  3. sorry, i’ve had the most crazy case of insomnia and decided to read some of your earlier entries 😛

  4. No shit! I didn’t even know u were from UCSD, thought u were just a random reader. Oops…damn 😳

  5. haha yup, nick and i go back to that awkward first year! 😛 i guess i have been kinda comment-bombing you from out of nowhere, so there was no way you’d know who i was 🙂

  6. Not at all, bomb away! You know I love hearing from readers 🙂

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