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Somehow this pre-finals week of a semester filled with electrical engineering classes (which I can’t stand) has actually turned out REALLY awesome. Not only did I end up getting a GREAT deal on a new laptop, but I somehow managed to sell mine on ebay – not for my minimum asking price, not for my “that would be nice” price, but for my “there’s no WAY I’ll get that price, but I’ll set Buy It Now way up there just in case” price. Sweeet. Looks like I won’t be waiting 6 hours for my old laptop to compile all of my video-adventures in Japan after all!

But that isn’t the real reason this week has been cool. Well, ok, it’s a pretty decent part of it 🙂 But the main reason was much more unexpected…as I was sitting at my computer procrastinating for my finals, an IM randomly popped up from an old friend by the name of Evan. Yes, for those of you who’ve known me long enough (which I think would only be my parents), Evan was one of my best friends in ELEMENTARY school, who I haven’t heard from since sixth grade (with a few small exceptions a year or two afterwards). Needless to say it was really cool to catch up, and I was happy to find that we still get along great. Hopefully we’ll have time to hang out a bit while I’m in LA this month.

Oh, but it doesn’t end there. Our little reunion inspired me to look up a few other old friends on the facebook, and who did I find? Tyler, yet another great friend from elementary school who I spent a tremendous amount of time with around 7th-9th grade. And guess what. HE’S LIVING IN JAPAN! A mere 20 minutes away from where I’ll be living! If that’s not one of the biggest coincidences you’ve ever heard then…well…um….you’re cooler than I am.

Anyways, enough of my rambling. Time to go prepare for my last engineering finals….ever!

Oh, and if you’re reading this, leave me comments! I KNOW that people have been, because I can see the traffic…I’m just curious WHO you are…so tell me, please? 🙂

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  1. i like lard with nickels

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