Dec 102010

It’s time to leave Denmark – and shockingly, my file of “Observations” notes is almost completely empty. Nearly everything I planned to mention has made it into one of the preceding posts.

Everything except three short points:

• There are tanning salons everywhere in Denmark – right down to the tiniest little villages we passed through on our cross-country ride. Maybe because there’s virtually no sun in the winter?

• I’ve mentioned a few times how Denmark is remarkably bicycle-friendly. Not only do cities have dedicated routes, but there’s more or less a nation-wide network of paths spanning clear from coast to coast. Bikes have defined stoplights, left turn lanes, etc – just like in Rotterdam. Compare this to America, where they seem to’ve given no thought whatsoever to cyclists. Or Oslo, where although they’ve tried, many places still force you to ride in the street or on the sidewalk. The one caveat to Denmark’s ultimate bicycle-friendliness: they’re really strict about laws. For example, don’t even think about riding at night without a light unless you’re interested in some pretty hefty fines.

• Many Scandinavians regard Danish as a silly-sounding language. Others regard it as insanely difficult. Whatever your opinion, most will agree that its pronunciation is quite unusual – so unusual that in some cases, the locals themselves are losing their grasp. I’ve been told this by Norwegians, Swedes, and Danes alike…but perhaps the funniest description came from Peder’s dad. He described it quite simply: “Danish sounds like Norwegian…spoken with with a small potato in your mouth.” 😆

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  1. …he he, that’s basically the general consensus opinion that it sounds like speaking Norwegian with a potato in your mouth. I’ve told you before, but maybe now you actually noticed what I was talking about 😀

  2. odd….never heard that b4

  3. Haha yeah…it’s a pretty perfect description of how Danish sounds, actually 😉

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