Dec 092010

Our original plan for getting home was to cycle to Copenhagen, then throw our bikes on a long-distance bus back to Oslo. This is what Peder had done on both his previous trips to Roskilde, and it was never an issue.

But apparently the rules had changed. Bikes are no longer allowed.

And not only that, they no longer let you buy tickets directly from the driver – making it impossible to show up in hopes of a friendly employee willing to help. Once you’ve paid online, you’re stuck. If the driver insists on following the rules and rejecting your bike you’ve little choice but to trash the ticket and try again.

We therefore spent quite some time running around Copenhagen trying to figure a feasible way to get home. The solution: hourly trains to Sweden, which do allow bikes. Nobody knew the exact rules for the second half of the trip – from Sweden to Norway – but at least we’d be one step closer. So we bought our tickets to Gothenburg and crossed our fingers.

  6 Responses to “Getting to Sweden”

  1. Hahha……I have a good friend in Goteberg…..VERY jealous!

  2. I look small next to my backpack 🙂

  3. Namaste from India ! When you come to India , let me know.. you can stay with me for a week at ! Very interesting ! I am using your plugin and thanks for that !

  4. Peder looks so bashful in that pic. 😛

  5. @Osai: Cool, thanks! I’ll definitely let you know 🙂

    @Herb: Hahaha…he was trying to emphasize the massiveness of his backpack 😛

  6. It was bigger than me!

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