Mar 052005

I got pretty excited when I heard that the Sumo tournament is passing through Kansai while I’m here, but I just found out that the WORLD EXPO is going to be in Aichi (not too far from Kyoto, in the hills near Nagoya) from March 25th-September 25th!! I feel SO incredibly fortunate to be here while this is happening; they’ve essentially built an entire city up in the mountains just for this, and they’ll tear it down and replace all of the plantlife they removed afterwards. Wow. Makes E3 look pretty meaningless by comparison.

Yet somehow, living in my little cave, I’ve managed never to hear of the “World Expo” before. Yes, I know, I know. I was shocked to hear that it’s SUCH a major event in fact that they’re already planning the following expo, which will be held in Shanghai, 2010. Now that’s what I call advance planning.


Here’s a random piece of useless information: did you know that Trey Parker, one of the masterminds behind South Park studied Japanese in college? That’s why he knew words like “Okama” and “Chinpo(komon)” for that hilarious Japanese-takeover episode. He must be proud to see his show dubbed over for the very audience he loves to mock.

What? You mean you haven’t had a chance to see an episode of South Park in Japanese? No, no, that won’t do at all.

Check this out. To save webspace I only posted a five-minute clip, but trust me – WATCH IT TO THE END – the singing of a Japanese Cartman is worth the wait.

Note: Sorry, removed the clip due to copyright concerns.

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  1. that is too funny……i wonder how they dubbed the japanese episode


  2. The Italians dubbed over films TERRIBLY…..the funniest one I saw was guerre stellari (star wars)

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