Mar 042005

Sweet! The Grand Sumo Tournament is coming to Osaka this month, and my buddy Tyler just picked up our pre-order tickets for the 23rd! How lucky that it happens to be passing through here while I’m living in the area. Noz, your dad’s gonna be so jealous 😛

Here’s a look at the events of a typical tournament day.

I also did a bunch of tinkering beneath the hood of my website recently. In addition to re-arranging the sidebar a bit (moved the user-login stuff up higher, removed some useless stuff, and added some other useless stuff) I discovered an awesome html tag called Ruby that’ll allow me to enter Japanese text with English readings over them. It was designed for hurigana (Japanese readings over difficult kanji) but I figure by using it this way I can write in REAL Japanese while still allowing all you crazy gaijin out there to have some idea what I’m talking about 🙂 Let me know if you have any trouble seeing this:

京都 (Kyoto)

Within five minutes of the above post, it came to my attention that most people could NOT view the Japanese text. I guess this makes sense; after all, why would you have support for such characters on your computers? Still, even if you can see legible English above the “jumbles” where the Japanese should be, I think this is fine – because you can read the English version, and people who do have Japanese support on their computers can read the Japanese version.

So, can everyone read the little English up top? 🙂

  9 Responses to “Site Revisions”

  1. Having trouble seeing this.

    What I see: (The English text is positioned above the fontType that can’t be decyphered)


    Just thought I’d give you some feedback.

  2. I don’t see anything…..

  3. I see kyoto

  4. i see Eat at Joe’s.

  5. I see this.

    ?? (Kyoto)

    Works fine. FYI, I’m using Safari – OSX

  6. Ooops. The ?? should the Japanese characters I see in the posting.

  7. ?? (Kyoto)

    ditto on the mac os x, safari. no English text above the Japanese. but that’s ok, I’m supposed to be able to read the Japanese anyway. 😛 nevermind that I’ve forgotten all of it.

  8. ?? ? ????

  9. haha, oops. so much for language support. I blame it on your backend.

    *spam spam*

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