May 272005

Well, I finally got around to redesigning my website.

I’ve been planning to implement this type of indexed front page for quite awhile (which I admit I completely ripped from, but my recent increase of videos has forced me to do so in order to reduce bandwidth usage.

Personally, I like it this way a lot better – you can find older posts much more quickly, it doesn’t take nearly as long to load, saves me a ton of bandwidth, and if you want you can click on the “View All Entries” link or the calendar to get back the old view anyways.

During my testing I also noticed a problem when viewing the site on Firefox. Apparently, most of the nav bar to the left has NEVER worked properly. If you can’t see the “Kanji of the Day” over there, your browser is not loading the whole site. The problem has been fixed, but to reflect the changes, you’ll most likely have to clear your cached internet files and refresh the site.

This was actually the most hand-written PHP I’ve attempted yet, and while it’s a pretty simple language I didn’t have time to tidy up the code quite as much as I would’ve liked, so if anyone finds any bugs please let me know. Or recommendations, of course.

Just a super-quick Kyoto update: The shamisen concert was amazing, I’ve already clipped together a short video and will upload it sometime early next week. The plans for Osaka had to be cancelled tonight, but I’m still going to be heading to Uji for a family gathering with Naomi tomorrow, and then it’s essay time!

Talk to you all soon~

  8 Responses to “Website Overhaul”

  1. the pic’s are not enlarging as they did before the overhaul. in fact, placing the curser on some pic’s completely distorts the page. is it me???? happy birthday, sweetie. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Odd…what web browser are you using? Did you try clearing your internet cache? Does it do that on the “View All Entries” section (which should be how the site was before)? I have both IE and Firefox installed, and it seems to be working on both…

    Anyone else having that problem?

  3. browser is the same, internet explorer. yes, i’ve cleared the cache. no, the “view all entries” section is fine. it seems to malfunction only on some pic’s, actually most pic’s. x

  4. Hmm, that’s really weird….is this problem happening for anyone else? Or can you see the pictures OK?

  5. happy birthday, not seeing any problems with safari

  6. justin-san, ogenki de irasshiamasuka. otanjoobi omedetto gozaimasu. hope you are doing well.

  7. Everything looks fine on my cpu (IE 6 on Win XP SP2)


  8. Looks fine for me. Thanks for making it Firefox-friendly! Now I can completely stop using IE!

    Hope you got my message, but happy birthday again.


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