Sep 272011

So here’s the problem: For the next two months, I lived in Bangkok. I didn’t travel in Bangkok, I didn’t do tourism in Bangkok, I didn’t even leave Bangkok. I lived in Bangkok. During that time I developed a fantastic group of friends, learned my way around town, exercised regularly and went partying every weekend. It started to feel like home, and was an absolutely fantastic experience.

So where’s the problem in that?

Well, while I’d love to share every moment of what it’s all been like, I’m now writing this in September…despite having left in late April. And while I do have plenty of journal notes I could refer to and elaborate, what I clearly don’t have is time.

Plus, believe it or not I didn’t take even a single non-nightlife photo during my stay, and something tells me you aren’t all that interested in seeing hundreds of shots of my friends and I cheering our glasses in bunny ears and fake mustaches 😛

So rather than trying to bring you along every step of the way, I’m going to gloss uncharacteristically quickly over this particular “chunk” of my life overseas. I’m going to mention – just briefly – some of the more noteworthy aspects of my two months in Bangkok before moving right along.

I’ll start with the hunt for an apartment.

  5 Responses to “Two Months in Bangkok”

  1. There better be at least 1** post from your Bangkok time 🙂

  2. Yes, and more sleaze! Give us the dirty stuff 😀

  3. Oh, control yourselves 😛

  4. more mustaches!!! and sleaze is good too…..what about culture elec music fest?!?!

  5. I pretty much omitted all nightlife stuff just because I’m SO impossibly behind on writing, and want to get back to realtime as soon as I can. If I ever manage to do so I’ll definitely start including more detail (or at least upload some photo albums). But yeah…right now it still feels pretty hopeless 😛

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