Sep 262011

Without enough time to go looking for a permanent place to stay, I decided to check into good old Happy Inn for the night. The same wonderfully sweet receptionist who’d seen me off more than two months prior was right there to greet me. I’d called earlier that morning to check for vacancies, and she remembered just who I was – offering whichever room I’d prefer. Of course I had no idea which to choose, so upon arrival I was provided a handful of keys and as long as I needed to select my very favorite.

Peder, who introduced me to the inn, had once mentioned that the size and quality of your room can vary tremendously (despite everything costing a flat-rate $20 per night). I had no idea just how much. Room 502 was almost like a completely different place; easily twice the size of where I’d stayed in December, with a full fridge and freezer, a massive window that runs the entire length of the wall, a bathtub, queen-sized bed, and a small leather chair to sit at while working. Who needs the Hilton when you’ve got Happy Inn – for $600 a month I had my own fully serviced hotel, cleaned whenever I wanted, with all the space I needed, and right in the heart of the city!

I spent an hour or so getting settled and cleaned up, then texted Jack and headed out. Computer fixed, iPhone working, and settled in with a comfy place to live – it looks like I made it.

Time for Culture One – Thailand’s biggest outdoors electronic music festival 🙂

Note: These posts are behind realtime; the above took place on Saturday, February 26th.

  9 Responses to “Room 502”

  1. sounds like a nice room

  2. The room was OK. I think “Incredibly well-located and incredible value” would probably be a better way to put it 🙂

  3. Hah! That’s my room right there! 😀

  4. Is it really??

  5. Yep, exactly the same one (but not the biggest one I had there :-P)

  6. Really?? Was there another you liked better? Let me know, cuz I may just be back there again soon! 😉

  7. Yep, I recognize the room. No question about it. Or they could have renovated som of the older ones and made it look the same (the hotel *was* under reconstruction when I was there).

    The biggest roo I ever had there was a corner room on the top floor. I believe it was a twin or a triple. So maybe you’ve never seen it cause it’s more expensive…

  8. All of the x02 rooms did have the same layout though – except for a slight difference here or there, 302, 402, and 502 were pretty much identical 😉

  9. awesome…looking forward to reading on

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