Jan 132005

imageJust a quick entry today. I actually didn’t end up going out at all last night but today Daniel and I took a trip to Kobe. The city was surprisingly awesome – aside from the fact that it’s my first time to ANY coast of Japan (we spent a good deal of the time walking around the harbor area) the city itself was REALLY modern, clean, high-tech…parts of it looked like a scene right out of Blade Runner. Just check out this picture to the left; how futuristic does THAT look? And to top it off, we even saw a “superconducting electromagnetic propulsion boat.”

imageAnd for lack of something more interesting to post, here is my ketai! Wahoo! Thanks again Alanna 🙂

Oh, and I stuck a couple of extra pictures in yesterday’s post as well (I forgot that I had them on my camera at the time).

OK that’s it, I’m tired…GOODNIGHT!

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  1. sad, i gave u that phone too…:(

    are you getting one of your own soon?

  2. Wow. Its like the Esthar part of Final Fantasy 8 is real!

    How’s THAT for an obscure reference…


  3. Noz you have a hairy ass.

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