Jan 152005

imageHello for the first time from my new room! Daniel finally headed home today, which sucks, but on the bright side he let me take over his old room after he left. It was a bit of a pain to move all of my stuff yet again, but well worth it – my old room had no curtains and faced DIRECTLY into the rising sun every morning. Here’s what the new place looks like (its furniture is also a LOT more convenient – it actually has a DESK instead of just a table).

imageAs for yesterday’s adventures, they actually turned out quite a bit more exciting than expected. First Daniel and I headed into Osaka to see a festival called “Doya Doya.” I found it while searching randomly on the internet for festivals in the Kansai area. The description I found was: “Doya-doya is a dynamic event on the final day of the Shushoe Order Memorial Service. Two groups of young men wearing headbands and clad only in loincloths confront each other and struggle for possession of Goo Hoin, a cow god amulet. With their brave shouts of ‘doya-doya,’ the so-called ‘strength water’ poured on them is said to evaporate quickly from their bodies due to the heat and energy exerted by the young men.”

And as you can see from the picture, as well as this video it really was pretty amazing. What amazes me even more, though, is how they were able to NOT PASS OUT IN THE ICE-COLD WEATHER! Why could this festival not have been during the summer?

Next we had some delicious BEEF for dinner (at a restaurant where there’s a small flame pit in the middle of the table and you “get to” cook your own food) and walked around Den-Den Town (Osaka’s version of Akihabara, the super-insane-tons-of-electronic-stores-area). We took a few shots throughout the day but most of them were on his camera, so I won’t have access to them for another week or so when he can e-mail them to me from Australia.

Anyways, soon after we arrived another Japanese friend of mine, Tomoyo, called to let me know that she got off work early, so I met up with her nearby. We went on the GIGANTIC ferris wheel overlooking about 95% of Osaka, and went for drinks at an Irish Pub. Good times.**

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  1. Heh. Heh. You said “Rising Sun.”

    Thats the name of the land you are in.

    Ha Ha.

    Sorry, had to say it.


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