Sep 252011

You all know how ridiculously behind I’ve fallen on blogging. The reasons for this are many, but by far the biggest has been a series of unexpected tech issues – issues which have consumed nearly every hour I originally set aside to write. In Krabi (and then continuing in Penang) I spent heaps of time reformatting my PC. In Melaka an incompetent webhost stole nearly a week. In KL my backup drive topped off, requiring me to purchase a new one and migrate hundreds of gigs. And well, now that I’m back in Thailand…here we go again 😛

I mentioned previously what a horrible mistake it was to install XP 64; try and try as I might I just couldn’t get it stable. So despite my best efforts I’ve finally decided to bite the bullet and reformat, returning to good old 32-bit. One day in Bangphli: gone. But at least I can start my life in Bangkok with a usable dev system that doesn’t crash every time I compile.

Nice work, Microsoft. Really.

Upon wrapping up the reformat I was so happy to have a system that actually worked that I decided to keep going – and “quickly” update my iPhone before bed. Unfortunately this didn’t go quite as planned. In a momentary lapse of judgement I deleted the original (non-jailbroken) IPSW file before the update was 100% confirmed, and when it ended up failing, I found myself left with a brick…at 3am, exactly 12 hours before I was supposed to be coordinating (by SMS) with a group of friends at Bangkok’s biggest electronic music festival.

What wonderful timing.

I tried everything I could think of but without the IPSW (which would’ve taken over a day to download on the abysmally slow WiFi) it seemed pretty hopeless. It wasn’t until after 5am that I finally managed to pass out – really not what I needed on the night before a 12-hour party (I’d been planning to wake up early, spend the day looking for a new Bangkok residence, and meet my friends in time for the opening).


But by a stroke of very last-minute luck, when I awoke the Internet was inexplicably fast. Downloads that’d been 5k/sec were suddenly going 200. So I checked out of my room, carried a still-downloading laptop into the lobby, and waited as the timer ticked away. Then when there were 5 minutes left I called a cab, which pulled up just as it finished. And in the back seat on the way to the city I re-flashed my phone, re-jailbroke, re-unlocked, resynced, and texted my friends just as I stepped into On-Nut BTS station. It was one hour before Culture One.

Talk about a last-minute save. Looks like I won’t be partying alone after all! 😀

  8 Responses to “The iOS Setback”

  1. That sounds HECTIC! iPhone updates can be a PAIN. Glad it all went smoothly. I wouldn’t want to have to do it on the go…..that’s for sure

  2. Yeah…now I know, haha 😛 That was actually the first time I ever updated a jailbroken phone – never again on a deadline!

  3. Dude, I have jailbroken/updated iPhones on international flights (old redsnow 2.2 if i recall), bars in airport terminals, in rush hour traffic (recently with the new and also ran into issues right before I had to communicate with my friends, or go somewhere. I know the exact feeling you went through! (besides the 5k/sec wifi speed that is god awful!)

  4. Haha geez, on flights and in traffic?? Now THAT takes more balls than I have! I was nervous just about doing it at my hotel 12 hours before meeting up with friends (and we see how well that turned out 😛 )

  5. Awesome! Reminds me of my hectic layover in Bangkok just a few hours ago. I had a little over an hour between flights, and it turned out I could not check my luggage all the way through to my destination. As a result I had to go through immigration, collect my bags, carry it all upstairs and check in mannually anew – which I managed just 7 minutes before the check in closed 😀

  6. I’ve had a few close calls like that. One time I had a layover in Canada on the way back from Japan that was literally so close I had a customs agent personally sprint across the airport with me and take me straight to the front of every line…we got to the gate JUST as they were closing the door. Now that’s what I call good service! 😀

  7. Justin- you REALLY are behind on this blogging thing….er *couh *couh….yeah…better hurry up so I can continue to be super back tracked…… almost to october!!!

  8. Haha yeah…let’s see, now that it’s November 3rd and I’ve written up to August 3rd…all I have left to catch up on is Ukraine, Serbia, Bulgaria, Vietnam, and Thailand.

    Geez I’m hopeless 😥

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