Oct 272011

Back when I was a student at UCSD, one of my oldest and closest friends emailed me a short story he’d written for his creative writing class. I thought it was amazing, as did everyone who read it. His teacher was so impressed that she insisted he continue. And that’s exactly what he did.

Eight years later, Nick’s original “Fox and the Peach” is just the introduction of a full 350-page novel; a part-history part-mythology tale set in ancient Japan.

As I’ve been pretty “in the loop” throughout his whole process I must admit that it’s cool to see this thing finally go public. Especially because many of the characters’ personalities are based loosely on those of myself and my friends. I’ve even got my own little mention in the “Thanks To” section 🙂

So as my “Thanks To” Nick, here’s a quick little plug:

Buy his book on Amazon so he can use the cash to come hang out with me in Asia!” 😉

Congrats on the success, Nick…it took awhile, but you finally made it.

  7 Responses to “The Fox And The Peach”

  1. Thanks for the shoutout bud!

  2. Nick, I read all of what was available in excerpt on Amazon, and I must say, it is very captivating and well written. The cover art is bada$$! Crazy to think this project started with a creative writing assignment. Justin sure has some interesting/amazing friends. I will purchase a copy soon.

  3. Thank you Allyn =)

  4. Congrats nick…..that is an awesome achievement

  5. @Nick: Of course! Now where’s my commission?? haha j/k 😉

  6. Awesome! I had no idea. Thumbs up!

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