Oct 242011

Despite my current “partyboy” lifestyle, it might surprise you to learn that I didn’t go out much at all back in High School. In fact, I was a pretty stereotypical nerd – shy, skinny, pasty, spending my weekends in a dark room playing video games or reading Popular Science. By college I’d only started to come out of my shell, and I don’t think I really became the “excessively social” (as some have called it) individual I am today until after moving to Japan.

It should be no surprise, then, that I was never much of a raver. I went to just one rave when I was about 18 and honestly felt way out of place.

But all that just changed. Because although I have been tremendously productive during these last few months at home, the scheduling also provided an opportunity for one very unexpected experience.

This weekend I went to the Electric Daisy Carnival, the world’s biggest rave.

And I loved it.

EDC was miraculous. It was stupendous. It was wonderful.

No…it was a wonderLAND.

For three short nights, the Las Vegas Motor Speedway – more than a thousand acres filled with a quarter million ravers – was transformed into a world like nothing I’ve ever seen.

Never did I expect that a party in the US could be even half this good…but leave it to Las Vegas to blow everything completely out of proportion.

I think it’s safe to say that EDC has just skyrocketed its way to a comfortable spot among my list of “best parties in the world,” right alongside Roskilde and Brazilian Carnaval. It really was that good.

I’ll describe it more in a bit, but for now you can have a look for yourself – I mirrored a video below (make sure to wait for the “night” segment that starts 2 minutes in!). If it loads too slowly you can watch it on YouTube instead.

Note: These posts are behind realtime; the above took place on the last weekend of July.

  4 Responses to “The Electric Daisy Carnival”

  1. That looks so sick.

    So why did the video start in LA and end in Vegas (you said Vegas Motorspeedway, but the video was from La Colosseum?) Was it “born” in LA in 2010 and then moved to LV in 2011 – the video doesn’t make it clear?

    The video edit/ dj mix is epic, very well produced.

  2. looks INTENSE! Glad you had fun

  3. Looks AWESOME! I’ll be there next year 🙂

  4. @Allyn: It was in LA until 2010 and just moved to Vegas this year – so all of the trailer footage had to come from LA. And yeah, I agree – it’s an insanely well-made promo. I can’t wait to see the one from 2011 (especially since they tripled capacity, length, AND insanity – far less regulations in Nevada than in California!)

    @Andy: Yep…INTENSE is probably the best adjective I could think of for EDC.

    @Peder: Careful, I just might hold you to that 😉

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