Feb 042011

Some of you may’ve noticed the changes that worked their way into this site layout a couple months back. Mixed in with my other work, I’ve been implementing a few features that’ve long been relegated to my low priority to-do list. These have included a variety of things, from slight visual improvements (i.e. a new favicon) to some basic convenience functionality (i.e. Flickr-style keyboard navigation on Photo of the Day). But among all the various changes and revisions, the most important has been the addition of new venues of social networking.

I’ve been blogging about my travels for years now; significantly longer than many of the mainstream bloggers, some of whom make very lucrative incomes just from passive advertising. So why haven’t I? Among other things, because I’ve never put any effort into marketing whatsoever. And while I certainly have no intention of turning this into a business, there are some simple things I’ve been neglecting that can really help drive up traffic over time.

Besides, since I’m already putting so much effort into the posts themselves, I figure “might as well share them with as wide an audience as might be interested in reading them!”

So in addition to submitting the site to a number of travel blog aggregators, sharing sites, and so forth, the biggest change would have to be the further integration with Facebook. Those of you who are real-world friends already know that my posts get automatically pushed to my Facebook wall; for the rest of you, I’ve finally created a public fanpage (which actually got announced a bit prematurely, because I didn’t get around to releasing this entry before departing for Asia. Sorry if it seems like I’m repeating myself :P).

So if you’re a reader (or if not), and if you like my blog (or if not!), please do me a favor and help me promote traffic by “like”-ing this site. You can do so from the sidebar, or on Facebook itself at www.facebook.com/traveling.programmer. Just like an RSS feed, it’ll automatically show a stream of all my recent posting activity. That way no matter how behind I am on actual blogging, the next time I find myself face-to-face with a family of thieving Bosnian Gypsies or wandering into a “nonexistent” Soviet breakaway republic, you’ll be the first to know 😉

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  1. keep up the good work

  2. Cool!

  3. facebook wh0ring = ze money

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