Mar 122008

I’ve finally finished collecting all the photos from David, Peder, and most everyone else whose e-mail address I collected during my travels. It’s so sad to see how my camera’s slow and painful death resulted in a deterioration of this trip’s visual documentation. Here are the numbers:

Rio: 437 shots
Salvador: 325
Morro de Sao Paolo: 268
Trancoso: 79
Araial d’Ajuda: 37
Ouro Preto: 32
Serra Mar (Jungle Lodge): 27
Panama City: 15

In light of all these problems, one of the things I’ve been putting quite a bit of time into since returning is researching a good on-the-road photo solution for next time. In addition to always traveling with two cameras from now on, I need a much better methodology than emptying my memory cards onto CDs at internet cafes along the way. It just proved way too problematic. Many cafes didn’t even have CD burners, and the CDs themselves were often hard to find or ridiculously overpriced. And in the end 3 of the 10+ discs I brought back had some pretty hefty damage, so I had to spend many hours on data recovery just to pull everything off of them.

Not to mention the fact that I had no way of copying any of the fun group photos from friends I met along the way, and just getting everyone to send them via e-mail after returning home was very time-consuming.

My first all-encompassing solution idea was some sort of card-reader/hard drive that I could access from my phone. But one of the few things the TyTn II lacks is a USB host controller, so a regular USB photobank won’t do – and there seems to be only one Bluetooth hard drive encnlosure out there, not yet available to the public.

My next option was going to be a 2.5″ NAS drive, like this one, but they all seem to require an AC power source (making them less useful on the road) and lack the ability to be accessed via USB (making them less useful at home).

So in the end I’ll probably go with something like this. It’s a battery-operated hard drive case with slots for various types of memory cards, offering full bi-directional file transfer. This means I can keep it in my backpack, dumping my photos to it whenever necessary – and if I want to get someone else’s pictures I can always download them to the drive and re-upload them to my own MicroSD for later viewing/editing on my phone. Since it’s a regular USB2.0 drive, I can always plug it in at an internet cafe if need be, or just use it as another external backup drive at home. And as storage sizes grow I can keep sticking larger and larger 2.5″ laptop drives into it. It seems to solve almost all my problems. The only thing it lacks is OTG, which at this point I can live without – although it would be useful in the future when new memory formats come out that aren’t readable by this particular device…

(Note that most photobanks only offer one-button, one-direction transfer from a memory card to the drive…which is really stupid if you just want to get a single picture from somebody, if you want to leave some of your pictures on the camera to show people later, or if you want to move stuff from the drive to a card… With bi-directional transfer I could, for instance, keep a large collection of movies on the drive and move them to my phone’s memory card one-at-a-time as I travel… 😉 )

Anyway, it’ll probably take me quite awhile to go through and sort all the Brazil pictures into some semblance of order, but as I mentioned before I really hope to go back and populate at least some of the posts with photos.

I’ll let you know if I ever get to it 🙂

(Update: Photos have been added to all Brazil posts)

  5 Responses to “Photo Issues and Solutions”

  1. As I said, sunday sending the photos to you!

  2. I didn’t know anyone cared about all of the technological products you’ve been researching since you’ve been home LOL

  3. Jeff……hehe

  4. Shaddap…um…PEOPLE care!


    (…Someone back me up here 😉 )

  5. dude…NO on cares about:

    backwards-compatible, flip it over, reverse upside down RAM that comes with SDxRFL flash drive, combined with a remote, wirelessly accessible USB port-drive-slot-card-memory stick-disk-data-hologram and a mini-MXP-dual-layer-green-laser mini disk, while also having a microscopic NAS (WHAT THE HELL?) drive, with bisexual directional file transfers, enabling upload speeds the same as downloads (YAY VERIZON FIOS! SOMEONE GET THAT ****ING COMMERCIAL OUT OF MY HEAD!!), which also allows you to have unlimited picture taking and storing ability because of the 2.9 mega giga hertz, with version installed as an upgrade!! Oh, and it HAS OTG!! (WHAT THE HELL IS OTG??!?!)

    NO ONE cares about that stuff! lol

    ::breathes:: ok, I’m done.

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