May 062013

When I set out by bike early this morning, I never thought I’d make it back in time – but apparently the odds were with me today, as I finished my long ride with just 30 minutes to spare before the evening show of “PPS.”

Phare Ponleu Selpak, meaning “Brightness of Art,” is a Cambodian cultural organization that uses art as a means to help young people deal with their post-war trauma.

It offers schooling in everything from painting and sculpture to acrobatics and dance – giving the children fun, purpose, and a way to earn a living.

Over the years, PPS has made quite a name for itself thanks to the performances it holds both here and overseas. So given that I was right in its hometown of Battambang, catching a show seemed like a no-brainer.

Honestly, as far as circuses go I’d say it was “so-so.” And I feel a bit bad saying so, because I obviously love what they’re trying to do (and I’d still urge you to go, if for no other reason than to support their noble cause). However, if you’re looking to be blown out of your seat by Chinese acrobat-style “WOW”‘s, I wouldn’t get your hopes up quite that high.

Nevertheless, it was a nice way to blow off some steam after my long day of exercise – and to wrap up the last evening of my short 4-day stay in Battambang 🙂

Note: These posts are behind realtime; the above took place in March, 2012.

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  1. The guy in the second last photo looks talented enough 😉

    • Yeah, I think the pics actually make it look a bit better than it was. I mean…it certainly wasn’t *bad* or anything – just not exactly “world famous!!” caliber 😉

  2. I have seen a number of circuses in many countries all over the world…..and I still think Cirque du soleil is top notch

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