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You’re probably wondering what I’m doing in Sweden when I just came from Ukraine and am on my way to Serbia.

To that, the only thing I can say is “Ask WizzAir.” 😛

For some reason it worked out far cheaper to buy a flight from Kiev to Stockholm, and then a second (but completely separate) flight from Stockholm to Belgrade later that day. Works for me – I get a free afternoon in Scandinavia!

(One of these days I really have to just hang out in Europe and take “whatever cheap flight happens to be available to anywhere.” Their budget airlines are really amazing – Kiev to Stockholm was like $40, luggage included. I’ve seen flights halfway across the continent for less. Much less.)

Anyway, although my ticket technically said “Stockholm,” in this case “Stockholm” actually meant “Nyköping” – a small town with a smaller airport a few hours from the capital. So without enough time to get to the city I ended up roaming around here instead.

My God is Sweden ever different from Ukraine. The change was more than dramatic.

Everything is so calm, peaceful, green, pleasant; the air smells incredibly fresh and, as if to give the warmest welcome possible, the very first thing I saw when I got off the plane was a big, bright rainbow.

Nyköping (pronounced “knee-show-ping”) itself is pretty much the epitome of a quaint little town: red farmhouses, cobbled roads, medieval churches, and just SUCH an indescribably innocent feel. It’s as if nothing could ever go wrong here. Everybody smiles kind, welcoming smiles when they walk by and cars always stop to let you cross.

It’s just too bad everything is so, SO, SO insanely expensive. A muffin in the airport was literally $9, and a single small bottle of water more than $3. For lunch I had a modest plate of pasta and an egg from a self-serve supermarket salad bar. It cost over $10.

In any case, Nyköping was an extremely pleasant and unexpected little stop – a waterfront Scandinavian town to break up my stay in the nitty-grittyness of Eastern European capitals. Just a few refreshing hours after landing, I was back in the sky and on my way to Belgrade 😉

Note: These posts are behind realtime; the above took place on September 2nd, 2011.

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  1. The combination of your photos and descriptive telling of Nyköping, Sweden is enough to want to go spend some time away from the snow storm currently going on outside.

    You’re quit the traveler Justin!

    All the best*

  2. Looks like a serene little town. Never been there myself. I question that airport muffin price though. Sounds unlikely that something is *that* expensive, even here 😛

    • Well, I can’t tell you I’m 100% sure – but as I still had an iPhone I was taking blog notes in realtime…and I never would’ve looked at the sign and written a different price (I do distinctly remember the sign because it was the only eatery there – really small airport).

      Maybe just a factor of airport prices being even more inflated than normal…

  3. What a fun way to be in a new place and *save* some money.

  4. Airlines are sooooo stupid! When I went to Bali last month, I wanted a one way ticket and was going to go to the US afterwards. It was 25% more than a round trip ticket (same flight to Bali). Idiots! (I obviously got the round trip ticket).

    The town looks cool….very serene

    Those prices suck tho

    • >>Airlines are sooooo stupid

      Honestly. I could probably rattle off 50 examples of totally nonsensical pricing. Even in the case of less popular routes, unless all the seats on a given flight are full you’d assume that hauling the weight of an extra person a shorter distance would be more financially worthwhile for them. But apparently not 😛

      >>Those prices suck tho

      Yeah, well…welcome to Scandinavia. Beautiful, friendly, clean, peaceful…but LUDICROUSLY overpriced.

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