Sep 042011

Twenty-one days ago I arrived in Melaka – and I loved it. But now it’s time to move on.

For as wonderfully pleasant as this town may be, I have been cooped up essentially on my own for three solid weeks, doing little more than eating, sleeping, and coding.

The truth is that I’ve wanted to leave for almost a week already – one thing or another has just kept holding me back. First it was an unexpectedly large work order from my employer back home, then the days spent cleaning up after HostGator’s incompetence, and of course the most recent battle with Dengue Fever.

Now that I’m 95% healthy and have wrapped up the essentials at work, it seems about time to re-evaluate my plans. It’s not that I don’t still have plenty to do (i.e. catch up on blogging!), but there’s no real reason I can’t do it from Bangkok – and at least there I have a great group of friends and can let loose on the weekends, not feeling quite so isolated.

…Plus, as mentioned, I really am getting a bit tired of Malaysian food 😉

Yeah, it’s time to leave. On the one hand it did seem like I’d found the perfect place to work – no distractions, and the cost of living is mindblowingly low. Without even thinking I’m living on something like $700 a month.

But on the other, I am – and always have been – a big city boy. Small towns can be great for a break…but just for a break. As a sightseeing town Melaka is top notch, but other than its vibe, it really doesn’t have all that much – every day is more or less the same. I get up, stroll past Capital Satay and grab a bottle of soy milk from the Chinese street vendor, pop into my favorite Indian place across the street (where all the staff knows me) for an egg roti, boot up my equipment and code for a bit, perhaps breaking up the day with a jog or a snack of Cendol over at Jonker street.

It’s all pleasant enough…but enough is enough. Now I need to play. And the timing is just right – Thailand’s biggest electronic music festival is only two weeks away, so if I’m going to spend a weekend in Singapore before flying up North, this weekend has to be it.

It’s settled. Singapore, here I come 🙂

Note: These posts are behind realtime; the above took place on Thursday, February 17th.

  9 Responses to “Movin’ On”

  1. sounds like moving on is the right move

  2. There’s no doubt in my mind! 😉

  3. I am the same is you in that I need to hang with people- I love traveling alone or being places alone but after a while, it gets old. I like to meet new people
    I cannot wait to read about the electronic music festival!!!! will there be tesla coils? 😉
    I loved reading that the people at the Indian place knew you…I love that about small owns.

  4. >>will there be tesla coils?

    Haha no…but what a random thing to ask?? 😛

    >>I loved reading that the people at the Indian place knew you…I love that about small owns.

    Yeah – but that can happen even in big cities too! Believe it or not, when I got to Belgrade a couple weeks ago (a year after I was first there), THREE different people remembered me – a dude at the tourist information office, a girl at the cellphone shop, and a hairstylist. It was awesome (and I was pretty blown away!) 🙂

  5. wow! that is pretty awesome

  6. What’s Mario doing on that billboard? 😛

  7. Peddling rice crisps.

  8. Why did you get so low for that garbage truck shot?

    lol Peder, was going to ask the same question just to annoy him.

  9. Cuz the only tripod I had with me was about 5 inches tall 🙂

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