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imageOK, be forewarned: this is NOT an interesting post. I just forgot to mention this before and thought that it was a bit amusing.

So, most of you are probably aware that in Japan you absolutely NEVER wear your shoes indoors. There’s always a small, lowered area just inside of the entrance called the “genkan” where you must remove and leave your shoes before stepping up to the main area. Even the low-end dorm buildings have this; each room has its own cubbie for the occupant’s shoes. Well, the gym is no exception! That’s right…people work out in just socks here. When you walk into the main gym building, there’s a HUGE pile of shoes at the entrance for everyone who’s in the building at the moment. Quite a difference from the “no shirt, no shoes, no service” policy in the gyms back home.

Here you can see the full assortment of equipment Kansai Gaidai has to offer…

image…along with their wonderful dumbbell collection! Now you might be thinking “that rack just looks so empty because the weights are probably all over the floor, he’s not telling the whole story.” Nope! It is kind of cool, though, because more than half of the time I go there the place is completely empty. It’s like having my own gym…only…not!

Last night in Osaka was great. I think I’ll do it again tonight. Later!**

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  1. weighlifting in sox? real men don’t to that or eat quiche.

  2. Have you discovered Cafe Neutron or Very Berry Cafe yet?

  3. Re-dad: Best comment ever.
    Re-David: I have not! What are they?

  4. They are two very cool places to eat. Cafe Neutron is just to the left of Shakey’s Pizza in Teramachi. You get on the small elevator and go to the top. It opens up into a small cafe. You go to the counter to order. They have a very good menu. If you take the same elevator to ther basement, there is an art gallery for local artists. Very Berry Cafe is a great place to take women and also if you like the Simpsons. It is on the street that runs parallel to Teramachi (not Shinkyogoku). look for the American flag out front.

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