Jan 262005

imageThe word is official. I’ve been accepted to Ritsumeikan! And tomorrow morning at 10:30am I’ll start moving my stuff yet again. For a number of reasons I decided to live at the cheaper, more social dorm building (versus the nicer, more expensive, unfurnished traditional japanese guest house). I think it’ll be the right choice.

I’m reeeally excited to be going over there – finally I KNOW where I’ll be and what I’ll doing. Ever since I arrived I’ve felt so up in the air, mainly because I knew that most likely everything I learned about Hirakata would soon become useless. Although it is a shame to have to learn a totally new area, get adjusted, make new friends, etc I’m really glad to be leaving Hirakata. It’s a nice enough place, but it’s just so inconvenient – especially for my purposes. I want to see as much of Japan as I can during my short stay here, and it just so happens that all of the best stuff is in Kyoto. Why not be able to ride my bike to it all??

imagePerhaps I’m just behind on the times, but yesterday a friend sent me a link to an AWESOME-looking third trailer for Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children. Check it out at square-enix.co.jp. The site has English, but not the trailer. Make sure to watch the BROADBAND (20 meg) version of “Trailer 03”.

imageI know we’ve all played and loved Tetris at some point in our lives. Well, this gentleman has managed to create yet another new version for our enjoyment! I think you’ll find it every bit as entertaining as the original (yes, I know you’ve seen this already NOZ ;))

Talk to you in a couple of days from KYOTO!

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  1. congrats! good luck with your move. I’m thinking of applying to UCSF for summer research. And yay for ff7 love!

  2. Good choice man……congrats

  3. yee haa! never doubted you’d get in. when do you move? xxxxxxxxx

  4. solid. enjoy it there bro

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