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Note: This entry was originally posted on November 18th, but I moved it back to fit the chronology of events.

Halloween this year was magnificent. I’m so glad Peder convinced me to stay and do it in Kansai rather than leave a few days earlier for Korea. It was without a doubt the right decision.

So I’ll bet you’re all wondering what weird costume the two guys who go out in top hats and bunny ears for no particular reason dressed up as on the day when everyone dresses up?

Fairies. 3 year-old fairies.

We purchased three fairy costumes (made for children ages 3-5), and used the material from the 3rd to expand the other 2. Add in bright red wigs, little white wings, fashion sunglasses, black nail polish, baseball bats, and gallons of fake blood…and you’ve got two badass tooth fairies.

And as a nice added surprise, Herb, our new buddy from Tokyo took a bullet train down to Kansai with his little brother just to join us for the action. Even made himself a matching costume to boot.

My apologies for the following terseness in describing my last weekend in Kansai – since I’m SO far behind on blogs, I figure catching up on Korea and China is more important than talking about another weekend of partying.

I’m also posting fewer photos than usual – the full album can be found in the private photo album here (for those with access :P).

Halloween 2008’s antics were thus:

Saturday, Week 1: Kyoto) WhyNot party at Gael (7-10pm), followed by an all-night party at Nikki’s Bar (11-6am).

Friday, Week 2: Kyoto) Planning to attend a costume party at Club World, we started the night roaming the streets and socializing with the other “trick-or-treaters”…but ended up running into so many random friends in costume that we just spent the whole night barhopping together instead.

Saturday, Week 2: Osaka) Costume party at Club Pure (7-10pm), costume party at Onzieme (11-5am), afterparty at Heaven (5am-10am), crash at Matt’s new apartment a few blocks from Dotombori.

Sunday, Week 2: Osaka) One last Halloween celebration at Triangle until morning (it was a 3-day weekend) before going straight to Matt’s to change, pick up our bags, and head to Osaka station. With exactly zero minutes of sleep we caught the bullet train to Shimonoseki and the ferry to Busan, South Korea.

Phew. That was a tiring, but awesome, couple of weekends**

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  1. so THAT’S what you guys were dressed as!! 🙂

  2. ok….strange concept

  3. Gotta be unique! 😉

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