Sep 262008

Note: This post is nearly 3 weeks out-of-date. Sorry! 🙂

Well, Summer in Japan has officially come to an end. The weather is still hot and the oceans are still warm, but the calendar says “Autumn” – so obviously, going to the beach is no longer an option. Because going to the beach is a summer activity! :roll:

So how did this season fare?

It was amazing. BUT, not quite as amazing as the previous. Mainly because of the new law that prevents Suma beach events from lasting through the night. Whereas last year people would be swimming and dancing in their boardshorts and bikinis until morning, this year everything packs up and closes at 9pm. Also, this year’s main stage was quite a bit farther from the station than last’s, which seemed to result in many people separating the “event” from the “beach” and making it feel like a rave that just happened to be on the sand rather than a true beach party.

Ah well, it was great while it lasted 🙂

The final two weekends at Suma went pretty much as the previous: Meet up with Peder around noon and arrive by 2pm, hang out with whichever group of friends happened to show up that day, walk over to the main stage at dark and stay until 9, take a train to Osaka to meet up with Ka and Ki at Sam & Dave’s before returning to their apartment to sleep and laze around for most of Monday, finally heading out to Umeda on foot sometime the following afternoon.

The next morning (after quickly catching up on 3 days of emails, sorting hundreds of pictures, and cleaning up my beach gear) the work week starts: Tuesday through Saturday.

It became our End-Of-Summer routine.

(Note: This post was originally part of the next, later split into two.)

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