Mar 192008

I know I’m back in LA because:

• Shortly after returning from South America, my dad takes me out for sushi dinner in the valley. We notice an unusually tall, thin woman waiting by the counter in stiletto heels and lots of expensive jewlery. A few minutes later Kennan Ivory Wayans walks in and escorts her to a table.

• Nick invites me to a party in an old building downtown on Friday night. I decide not to go, as I have to finish packing for a trip to Vegas the following morning. A few hours later he calls me to say that he just had a 20 minute conversation with Mystery, one of the world’s top Pick-Up Artists. And that the party is a housewarming party for a pornstar. I’m disappointed that I didn’t go.

• The next day my dad and I take our seat on the flight to Vegas. Across the aisle is 75-year-old Jerry Buss, billionaire owner of the LA Lakers. He’s got an enormous black bodyguard and an attractive 20-something-year-old Asian girl with him.

• On the way home my dad and I take the aisle and window seats, and a middle-aged man settles in between us. It’s Teller, the silent member of the famous comedy/magic duo Penn and Teller. He’s actually quite talkative and friendly, and we spend the entire trip home chatting with him. When we ask his full name, he says “It’s just Teller. See? I had it legally changed back in California.” (Shows us his state-issued ID.)

Tomorrow I head to Vegas again for Noz’s bachelor party.

I wonder what surprises await.

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  1. Life in La La land is fun 🙂

  2. I had a $7 steak (2 lbs of meat). A $5 bottle of Mendoza Malbec. And now I am getting on a bus for 7 hours to go to Valparaiso. If there are famous people here, I don’t know who they are. Everything is running late tonight because there is a big football match on. Things are the same in South America.

  3. Wow,you have been traveling a lot even in the US.

  4. You got to talk to Teller? So jealous.

    …I got a new camera. So…jealous?

  5. Andy: Sometimes 😛

    Rory: Haha damn you! I wanna be International again!

    Hero King: You’re awesome for calling yourself Hero King

    Dylan: Welcome back to the comment ring 😉 U like Teller? I didn’t know much about him but was very impressed at how friendly and eloquent he was. Considering the profanity in his humor…um…and the fact that I’d never even heard his voice before 😛

  6. I am not in LA and neither met famous people, but today I had my first lesson in first-aid. Soon I will have qualification to save lives…

  7. Oh that is so funny… did you know my brother was at that party and saw nick there? He just told me “I saw that guy whose grandma makes origami at this porn party…” hahah. Small world.

  8. HAH! That’s too coincidental! (and also a pretty funny description of Nick) 😆

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