May 242010

OK, so as it turned out a 3 hour delay wasn’t the end of the story – in fact my flight departed six hours late, so I got to spend the whole day waiting and in transit.

Ah well, at least I made it. I am officially in Budapest.

It could not feel more different from Paris.

Replacing Paris’ pristine museum-like feel, where every block contains a giant carved statue, gold-tipped wrought iron gate, massive and ornate building, or something equally attractive, Budapest looks very…well…I guess “raw” would be an appropriate word. Buildings look well lived-in, walls are overwhelmingly covered in graffitti, and roads have clearly cracked and been patched numerous times over. Outside of central Pest most of the architecture is plain and uninteresting, built for function rather than decoration, and dozens of construction cranes dot the skyline, giving it a far more industrial feel.

But at always, it’s great to be somewhere new πŸ™‚

I should mention that I actually have visited Budapest before, during a month-long European backpacking trip in college (see video here). But it was only for a few hours, just enough time to stroll around the area immediately surrounding the train station and have a quick cup of coffee. This time my plan was to use it as a midway break in the action – a place where, for far less cost than Paris or Amsterdam, I could spend a couple weeks catching up on blogs, working, and preparing for the upcoming Eastern European leg of my trip.

The lodging I’d prepared for the duration of my stay was a private room in the dorms at BME, the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. There, for just under $20 per night, I’d have a quiet place to work, private bathroom, refrigerator, and access to all the facilities of, well, a student dorm.

When I first arrived and checked into my room I was happy beyond description. Although the old and dilapidated building was a far cry from the newly renovated Le Montclaire Hostel in Paris, living on a university campus meant fun young locals to hang out with on the weekends – there’s even a pub right inside the building, less than 50 yards from my door. And while I recently mentioned being somewhat underwhelmed by the women in Paris, I have to say that here it’s even better than Holland – quite a lot better, in fact. Of course that could just be because I’m on campus and 95% of the people I’ve seen are in their 20’s – but in any case it definitely feels nice to be back in the University vibe.

Oh, and the weather feels exactly like Los Angeles: tanktops, flipflops, and not a cloud in the sky.

Yeesh, it’s about time πŸ™‚

  11 Responses to “Budapest Technical University”

  1. …I guess this was written before the rain started pouring down… πŸ˜›

  2. Can you make an album on European food? I’d love to see what kind of eats they got. Like P’s cereal/foliage mix which I’ve already forgotten how to say. πŸ˜›

  3. I had Museli for breakfast almost every single day in Budapest =) Don’t hold your breath for an album though…I’m already behind enough as it is on just the writings πŸ˜›

  4. Good idea living in the dorm… did you hook that up short term?

  5. Apparently it’s pretty common in Budapest for universities to rent out extra rooms in their dorms for travelers – during summer vacation, the *entire* dorm becomes a hostel. Here’s their webpage:

  6. Hello i am study now tecnichal university of sofia in next year i am think about continue my education in Hungry,in BME so if its posible can you contact me for some information about university and for about student dormitories living expences etc .
    Actualy i need some help i nknow realy how its a pain start new life another country so if anyone contact me i will be happy.
    The best redards////
    Anil Ucar.

    • Ah.. so i almost forget about that i am living bulgaria but i am actualy Turkish …

    • Sorry, I really don’t have any info about BME itself – I was using their dorms during the semester break as a hostel and didn’t really interact much with the students

    • I actualy i need just live expenses and ho are looking those dorms i mean if you have any photo or somethink about students dorms and also for students life any information ..

      i Just need tham …

    • I found the dorms to be fairly crappy, but of course this is just a matter of opinion. i.e. if you’re comparing them to Norway they probably suck, but to China they’re probably awesome. I’ve no idea what’s typical of Bulgaria πŸ˜› Rooms had their own bathrooms but they were pretty small and dilapidated, and no WiFi.

      The amount that I paid daily as a traveler is not the same as the amount you’d pay as a student, so my rent wouldn’t really be helpful…and I pretty much didn’t do anything on campus except lodging to be honest :/

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