May 142008

I’m writing you now from a Bedouin camp at the foot of Mt. Sinai, where Moses received the original ten commandments from God.

Just down the road is the local mosque for the tiny town of Al-Milga. Five times a day, Arabic prayer is broadcast from a rooftop loudspeaker. The town is so small that until the prayer begins, there are no sounds but the slight breeze passing over the towering mountains around us – no cars, no big-city chatter, and no TVs or radios blasting out onto the street. It’s incredibly serene – just a small cluster of very simple brick buildings spotting the desert. When the sound of prayer begins, it’s…captivating. Or perhaps a better word would be “spiritual.” The perfect thing to complete the effect of sitting in an Arab village in the middle of the Sinai Desert.

It’s a truly different world out here.

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  1. the colors in that photo are cool

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