Feb 282005

I’m IN! I just got the great news from Ritsumeikan, I’ve been placed in the dorm with my new buddies at YHM. Provided I’m able to get out of my lease here at Robins Nishikoji, I’ll soon be livin’ the high life – satellite TV and video games in the common room, free laundry, and a Japanese tatami room in which to learn how to break-dance. Yes, indeed…things sure are starting to shape up.

I also managed a small bit of income recently. My dad introduced me to Dean, a prominent geophysicist who’s spent a fair amount of time working and living in Japan, and he hired me to write a little piece of software to help visualize the underground radar data produced by his equipment. I met the guy at Kyoto Station a few days ago; really nice guy, and hopefully if all goes well I’ll be able to put in some more hours for him. Yay for a non-poverty-stricken lifestyle! And yay for having a project to prevent a complete loss of my programming skills while I’m abroad! 🙂

Now, instead of actually continuing my regular exploration stories I’m going to save that for another time in favor of posting a few links that I’ve been saving up over the last couple of weeks:

imageThe first I actually just heard about today, but it’s my favorite of the lot. www.WhereTheHellIsMatt.com belongs to a 28-year-old VIDEO GAME PROGRAMMER who decided to quit his job and spend his days traveling the world. The mere thought that someone in my line of work had the ability to do something like this in his lifetime makes me giddy. He’s been to an astonishing number of places already, but even better yet is his sense of humor. You HAVE to check out the video of him
dancin' it up around the globe. Dylan and a few others at YHM have made it their goal to produce a similar video at each of the over 1,800 temples and shrines here in Kyoto. Will they succeed? Only time will tell…

imageThese next two (thanks Alanna!) will be of no interest to those who don’t speak Japanese, but for those of you who do, you MUST check them out. They’re hilarious. I’m not going to give any hints, but I will say that you should watch them ALL THE WAY THROUGH; even if they seem like they’re repeating, they’re not, and they only get funnier as they go.
Here’s the first
Here’s the second

imageAnd last but not least, Noz sent me this great parody on the Final Fantasy video game series. It was made by an American as a final project for his high-school Japanese class. Again, if you don’t speak Japanese or haven’t played the Final Fantasy series, you probably won’t care…but if you have, watch on!

Kanji progress: 1100/2000, just past the half-way mark. Today’s activities consisted of producing this blog entry, cooking, eating, and ten hours of study. My brain hurts. Why do I set such impossible goals for myself, and why do I insist on pushing myself to achieve goals that I know are impossible from day one? I did it with grades in college, I did it with weightlifting, I did it with LJHC, and now I’m doing it with Kanji. Sigh.**

  5 Responses to “YHM And Links”

  1. We set those goals because they are possible and we get it done (even if we kill ourselves doing it)

    Andy (running on 7 hours sleep in the last 3 days)

  2. Nothing is impossible, only what you tell yourself is.

  3. Why do I set such impossible goals for myself?
    sounds like the question of the day. because losers don’t.

  4. well, your dedication (and perseverance) is admirable. that, and you like the bragging rights.

  5. I love Matt’s website! (but not as much as I love yours, of course…)

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