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Back in high school (and to a lesser extent college), I used to buy lots and lots of DVD’s. I love movies, and I often have one playing in the background whatever I may be doing – eating, studying, working out, or chatting on the phone. But as I’ve grown older I’ve stopped buying them almost entirely. Not because I enjoy movies any less, but because I’ve realized that my money is much better spent elsewhere. Yes, I know it’s only $15. But $15 is still the cost of one more night in a Brazilian jungle lodge. Or of three days’ motorcycle rental in Thailand. Or of a taxi ride to a more distant section of the Great Wall of China.

Still, every once in awhile I stumble on a truly must-buy. Today was one such day. Rory, a friend who I met on my last stop in Brazil sent me a link to this website. All I’ve seen is the trailer. But it literally gave me goosebumps.

For some, it’s difficult to understand how I could find myself constantly dreaming about what country I’ll visit next. While many 25 year old guys are out looking for girlfriends, wives, homes, and a way to just settle down, I can’t help but get excited for the next big change. Because to me, getting off a bus and seeing a breathtaking view that most people have only seen on a postcard…that’s truly living. Strolling down a small alley in Kyoto and hearing the distant sound of a Shakuhachi as a single cherry blossom flutters to the ground. Sitting on a street corner in Shanghai and eating a steamed bun I just bought from an 85 year old man for three-quarters of a penny. Or even just waking up in a room with seven other beds, occupied by travelers from Australia, China, Israel, Norway, Argentina, South Africa, and Thailand. Eight people with barely a language in common, yet they’re all there for the same reason: for life experience. For adventure. Your personalities click immediately, and three days later you’re making plans to meet up in a year on the other side of the world.

People often tell me “You’re lucky you’ve been so many places.” My response is that luck has absolutely nothing to do with it. It takes effort. You’ve got to make it happen. You’ve got to want it badly enough.

Why do I travel?

Because when I look back on my life, these are the things I remember the most. “Maybe in sixty years I’m dead. I want to say, ‘I had a good life.'”

Check out the trailer for A Map for Saturday below.

  6 Responses to “Why Do I Do It?”

  1. thanks for helping me to understand. the trailer tugged @my heart. any info about birthright? xxxxx

  2. You can be sure that with their twenty-five years of age has many more memorable moments than many of sixty … Take their chances well, you are a person inside!

  3. sounds like an interesting flick

  4. Hey again… it looks like I’ll have to watch that movie also after viewing the trailer. I’m glad you’re having a great time in Brazil. Hopefully this time next year I’ll be there. As for this summer my friend Alayne and I have decided to make a Euro trip. We plan to do 5 countries by train in 2 to 2 and a half weeks.

    I actually gave Alayne the link to your blog so that she could watch your Euro trip video. We’re both very excited to break away from school and work to do this and this video made me really look forward to going.

    I’m glad I get to read your blog about Brazil so that when I go I’ll have a few ideas of what I want to do.

    Have a great time in Brazil!

  5. Cibele: It’s true! I am a person inside! 😉

    Andy: Yeah…actually, I haven’t ordered it yet. I’ll let u know when I finally get to it though 😛

    Crystal: Damn, following me around the world, are you?? I’ve looked you up on Facebook once or twice in the past but never managed to find you – if you’re on, find me 🙂

    …And if you want any tips for Europe, don’t hesitate to ask~~

  6. You are extremely smart. I was 47 before I left the USA. It’s one thing I regret. I try to tell young people that you can and should do it. Just like you learned, DVD’s CD’s, booze and other entertainment is money that can be better spent. I will be back in Kobe again for Samba. I will send you some photos and tell the girls you said hello.

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