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As of 6:30am this Monday morning, the founding members of YHM have officially started their journeys back to their “home” (and by that I mean non-Japan) countries.

Things just won’t feel the same ’round here. Thanks for showing me the ropes, guys.

I never thought I’d see so many people awake as early as 6am, either. Their favorite waiter from their favorite restaurant, Jumbo Okonomiyaki, even showed up to bid them farewell – and without being asked to do so. He just had an idea of where they lived, and decided to come find them to say goodbye. How nice is that.

And thus begins my summer of random wandering. To kick it off to a big start, I headed down to Osaka yesterday with Naomi to see the largest fireworks display in the world.

The number of fireworks totals 120,000 pieces, which is the largest display in the world. The highlight is “Niagara Fall” (a set piece measuring 50 meters high and one kilometer long), and “Starmine” (great fireworks with sparking fire). When more than 7,000 pieces of fireworks are launched at once, the sky shines like daytime, and people are overwhelmed and at a loss for words.

We sure were.

  8 Responses to “Warm Goodbyes”

  1. Have a great trip!

  2. congraduations to you and your gang.

  3. Also congrats from one of your gang from last summer.. which must seem quite tame compared to towing floats and climbing mountains!


  4. Was that the PL fireworks display in Tondabayashi? I went too! It was increible! The finale made my heart stop! The sky lit up like it was noon and that sound…It shook the earth! I got video of it, but i dont know how to upload it…

  5. Hello, interesting blog you have. As it happens, I’m soon going to study in Kyoto with the SKP. I’ve been assigned to the “International Students House Kyoto” rather than one of the I-houses. I was wondering if you maybe know anything about that dorm? Anything at all? I’d be really thankful for any answers.

    Marcus Richert

  6. Melissa, it WAS PL! Haha wow, what a coincidence we were so nearby…you were probably right behind me in that mile-long line to get back on the trains 🙂 Did you come down all the way from Gifu just for PL?

    Marcus – I’ve never heard of that dorm, could it be Robins Nishikoji? You should find out if it’s Robins Nishikoji…if so….ugh….I’m sorry 🙁

  7. Hello.

    I will be studying in Kyouto and I will stay at Robbins Nishkouji. Can you tell me why that is a bad place? Is it because it is small?

    Thank you for your information.

    • It really just depends on your standards. The main issue (when I was there, at least) is that you don’t have a private bathroom or kitchen (they’re shared), and they’re both filthy.

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