Nov 222010

When I said in my last post that Peder and I finished our day by repairing an extra bike for the ride to Roskilde…what I probably should’ve said was that he repaired the bike while I sat there futilely trying not to doze off 😛

By the time we’d finally separated from his incredibly kind and welcoming parents (who reminded me in many ways of Joe and his wife, who took me into their home for nearly a month in Hong Kong) it was just past midnight. Apparently that afternoon in bed still hadn’t been enough to recharge my batteries (thanks in no small part to the incessant construction next door), as no matter how hard I tried I simply couldn’t keep my eyes opened. I found myself falling halfway off my chair every few seconds while Peder sat there tuning up the bike on his own…

…Right up until a block-wide power outage turned the dank, ancient concrete basement into an even creepier dungeon-like setting 😛 Trust me when I say that tightening bolts and lubricating chains by candlelight is no easy task. By the time we finished the job and made it home, the sun was already starting to rise. But luckily this time, the neighbors’ construction team seemed to be on break – and we finally did manage to catch up on some Z’s.

It wasn’t until mere hours before our departure that I awoke to make the final preparations: Leaving my laptop and SLR behind, I replaced them with a sleeping bag, tent, and air mattress. I tied my purple Ukrainian party hat onto my backpack, hoisted it up, wondered what the hell I was getting myself into, and then we were off.

First stop: danskebåten, an overnight boat to the northernmost tip of Denmark.

  7 Responses to “Tour de Denmark: Gearing Up”

  1. Pain ahead 😛

    I want to add that it gets dark at midnight and light at 03:00 again, so “the sun was already starting to rise” was not as bad as it seemed.

    …Plus the construction work had stopped because I went down there in my boxers the day before and hammered on their door at 07:30 in the morning, wondering why the hell they were tearing down walls at that ungodly hour… 😀

  2. Yeah…I honestly can’t remember how late we actually got home, I just remember that it was many hours later than I’d hoped and was literally dying trying to stay awake 😛

    Regarding the construction, are you sure it was 7:30 that you went over there?? I distinctly remember it going on for hours and hours and hours before you eventually went over and shut them up. I think they probably started in the 7’s, and when they refused to give it a rest you finally went over much later – like 11 or noon – to tell them “it’s time to shut the hell up already!”

  3. Cool boat pic

  4. Could be 🙂 When I think about it it was probably closer to 09-10, and the Polish workers said they’d *consider* being quieter…probably to save some weird face or something.

  5. Whenever it was…it was far too early…and for far too long :'(

  6. I hope you played “I’m on a boat” while you were on it.

  7. HAHAHA I completely forgot about that!

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