Nov 262010

Camping is so pleasant.

Although I’d been hauling my tent and sleeping bag around for this entire trek through Europe, today was the first time I’d used either…and despite the short night’s rest I just loved it. There’s something about sleeping in the outdoors – hearing the chirping birds, breathing the cool clean air, and waking up to the glisten of natural sunlight. It’s a feeling of freedom. All you need is to open your padlock and unzip your tent…and you’re home.

Although we only spent one short evening in Aalborg, I actually felt quite sad to be leaving. Something about it was just so charming, so welcoming. But with 3 days of riding still ahead, we had to press on.

A quick breakfast of muesli, a smear of sunscreen on our (ludicrously burnt) arms, a few minutes of topping off the phone and camera batteries, and we were off.

It was another perfect day, not too hot and not too cold – when unlike the previous, Denmark’s gale-force winds were replaced by barely a mild breeze.

The only challenge this time was that parts of the route were far hillier than yesterday’s; nothing remarkably steep, but with our heavy backpacks even a modest incline can feel like an insurmountable challenge. Not to mention of course the cumulative toll from the previous day’s ride – most notably, an extremely sore lower back from supporting all the weight of those packs.

Still, all in all I felt much better with my performance than the first day’s ride (even if Peder was still halving his pace to accommodate me :P). The fatigue didn’t truly set in until about 15km from Randers – and even that was nowhere near as intense as the previous day’s exhaustion.

Maybe that huge dinner really did help, as Peder promised it would.

…Or maybe part of it was that my backpack was now a bottle of vodka lighter thanks to the previous evening’s party 😉

Because we left Aalborg so late, we didn’t reach Randers until nearly 11pm. Unlike Aalborg, this town seemed completely abandoned – literally everything was closed, and without so much as a market or restaurant still working, we were seriously concerned about dinner.

Luckily we did (eventually) manage to find a place – the only one in town, according to the few locals we happened upon. It was a small Turkish pizza parlor nestled down a sidestreet off the main commercial promenade.

This little parlor provided a most unexpectedly memorable dinner.

  8 Responses to “Tour de Denmark: Aalborg to Randers”

  1. every post with photos of party hats next to huge backpacks makes me laugh 🙂

  2. party hats as eyemasks! They have so many functions.

  3. Bling: Is there anything it can’t do? 😆

  4. Versatile as a hairdrier 🙂

    Down to business: Were you really feeling better? I thought you actually felt worse the second day. The last ten kilometers into Randers I was unsure whether I needed to call a helicopter ambulance for you. The ride really was a lot hillier. Just think of the middle part.

    As for getting to Randers, it was way earlier. Probably around 20 or something. Remember we first tried to find a hostel to stay in so we didn’t have to go to the one I knew another 7km out of town. When I located it, it turned out to be locked and I called the owners to check out our options. It seemed pretty deserted so we considered crashing behind the building in our tents – right in the middle of the city 😀 After discussing our options and chatting a bit with a group of Spanish motorcycle-dudes riding through Europe, we headed downtown to the main strip at 21:30 for some food. However, most places closed at 22 and thus the kitchens were closed, and you made it damn clear you didn’t want $15 Chinese 😛

  5. >>Were you really feeling better?

    I was. Keep in mind that I felt *HORRIBLE* the first day – like, I’d never make it to Roskilde. The 2nd day was of course still a challenge for me, but at least it felt like a surmountable one 🙂

    >>As for getting to Randers, it was way earlier. Probably around 20 or something.

    Check the timestamp on the photos. We were still at our last rest stop at 21:20, so there’s *no way* we were downtown looking for food at 21:30. Plus the blurry photo I snapped while we were rolling into town was at 10 (which was still before you went looking for the hostel, which was in turn before we went downtown).

  6. You could also check out the last video taken that day, in which we actually looked at your watch to point out how late it was still light out 🙂 9:20pm was when we started the last 10km to Randers.

  7. Ok, I give up 😛 I really did think we got there earlier though, which is why we were surprised that none of the restaurants on the main strip were open. Glad we didn’t opt for that McDonalds around the corner 😀

  8. Haha yeah…McDonald’s is food for trips to Asian countries, not Western ones 😛

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