Apr 062008

Due to a bad shoulder and wrist, my dad never does incline press with dumbbells unless I’m there in the gym with him. I place the weight in his left hand so he doesn’t risk tweaking anything while lifting it to the proper starting position. Friday was one such day.

Things were going nicely until he dropped the weights down – onto another dumbbell left from a previous set. His middle finger got caught between them, an injury I’ve sustained too many times in too many different ways. “Damn, I know how that feels – that sucks” I think to myself.

Then I look at the floor where he ran across the gym, jogging off the pain. A trail of blood. It turns out the smash was so severe that it split his finger open right down to the bone – which I could clearly see. The paramedics came, bandaged him up, and I took him first to a regular doctor and then a specialist hand surgeon.

Five injections and twenty stitches later he was barely conscious from all the painkillers (and pain), but we made it back home and everything appears to be going alright.

The next day he suggested going to the gym to work legs.

What a badass.

HERE is the only photo I managed to take – at the doctor’s office a couple hours after the incident. At this point the wound had already been cleaned, partially closed, and bandaged. You should’ve seen it right after-the-fact 😮

  4 Responses to “To The Bone”

  1. won’t be showing this to your grandparents

  2. Ouch!!!- and it’s a bad idea to go to the gym again the next day. The wound needs rest, if the body starts pumping iron again even if it’s a different body part it’s not going to help the healing processes in his hand.

  3. Aunt V – haha yeah, good idea there 😉

    Grendel – He didn’t really go…I told him the same thing…I just thought it was pretty funny that he even mentioned it.

  4. LOL…..that is hardcore!

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