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All-you-can-eat Brazilian BBQ’s are awesome. There’s so much delicious food, even trying one small sample of each item would be impossible. They’ve got everything from steak to mango sushi to middle-eastern Hummus. Dinner after Corcovado with Silvia and her family was one hell of a meal.

For both me and my digestive system 😆

Everybody here is so friendly. I can only imagine what would happen if I walked into a restaurant in America and stumbled around for 10 minutes trying to communicate that I’d like an Acai and a chicken sandwich, but here they patiently try to understand, asking other employees for help, showing food samples, and trying every explanation possible until I’m satisfied. When meeting new people, the compulsory greeting is a kiss on each cheek. And I don’t think I’ve met a single female yet who hasn’t referred to me as “dear” or “sweetie” or something of that nature. Sure, the danger and crime are a shock to the system when compared to ultra-safe Japanese society, but the warmth of the locals is truly a nice refresher after the stone-cold formality I’ve grown accustomed to over the past few years.

It’s also great that everyone walks around with their shirts off all the time. Because that means I can do it too 😀

…Without being gawked at 😛

Crossing the street in Rio is absolutely insane. People simply dart through the middle of traffic during any possible opening…dispite the fact that cars will NOT stop, or even slow down, for a pedestrian. Sometimes they won’t even stop if you’re crossing at a GREEN light. And the streets themselves are utter chaos, with motorcycles zipping in and out of stopped busses left and right. It’s a dog-eat-dog world out here; Now I see what my friend meant by needing “animal instinct” to survive in Brazil!

THe hand-gesture of preference here seems to be the thumbs up. They use it for everything: hello, thank you, okay, or even goodbye. It’s kindof nice: you hop out of a taxi, leave the driver a little tip, and he gives you a huge thumbs up 🙂

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  1. hahah…..some how I would still bet people gawk at you 🙂

  2. You don’t have to wear a shirt? I think you finally found where you belong.

  3. You should walk around naked…then you’ll one-up those damn Brazilians!

  4. ummmm…..snuh?

  5. Uhh, yeah…snuh??

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