Sep 182011

After finishing up at Orchard Rd, I really wasn’t sure what to do next. I was feeling pretty lethargic due to the heat and humidity, plus the weather was going downhill once again (completely overcast with unpredictable spurts of drizzle). I kept on trying to wait it out but the showers seemed to come and go without end. Eventually I decided to drag my feet over to the one remaining Lonely Planet walking tour, a nearby area called Joo Chiat.

But as soon as I got there the rain worsened. Man, traveling is just so much less nice when the weather sucks 😛 I took a seat in a pizza parlor and waited until it lightened up enough for an umbrella, then headed out into the unknown.

Big mistake.

About 200m from the station the sky turned literally into an ocean. I bolted for the nearest covering I could find – it was coming down so hard that even with an umbrella, standing in the open felt like jumping into a pool. Even six feet back from the overhang I was still getting wet from the splash.

So much for the last two neighborhoods I wanted to see; my flight to Bangkok was the following day, but any sort of tourism would be pointless in this extreme weather.

You know, Singapore is pretty damn cool – but I definitely couldn’t live here. Partying is far too much of a ripoff and the weather far too crappy. For all of its many amazing qualities, knowing that you’ll always end up soaked after walking out your front door – if not from rain then from sweat – just isn’t worth it.

So anyway, screw it; after taking a train halfway across town and waiting an hour for the rain to clear up, I just turned around and went back to the hostel 😛

Note: These posts are behind realtime; the above took place on Wednesday, February 23rd.

  6 Responses to “Tidal Wave”

  1. that is a lot of rain!!!

  2. Seriously – like a typhoon, but without the wind!

  3. Pretty much my impression of Malaysia 😛

  4. …Well that would make sense since it’s the next country up 😛 I definitely didn’t have as many weather issues in Malaysia, though – just the luck of the draw I guess.

  5. bummer- just went to seattle, and I could never live there bc of the weather.

  6. Likewise – weather has SUCH a huge influence on how I feel about a place. Just look back on my posts from last summer in Europe when it was overcast/raining for like half the trip… 🙁

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