Apr 302010

Holy crap, the German ICE trains are nice! They may not be quite as smooth or as sleek as the Japanese Shinkansen, but even for a discount 2nd class fare I ended up in a big private room with a table to eat on, plenty of power outlets to charge my stuff, and even Wifi. Go, Germany!

Too bad the second train on my 3-train-trip from Munich to Amsterdam wasn’t quite so comfy; the seats didn’t recline at all, and I still feel the indentation in my side from trying to sleep across that big plastic armrest. Considering the frequent rustling sounds throughout the night, I can only assume that the two girls with whom I shared my birth had a similar experience.

But far worse than the sleeping discomfort was an idiotic mistake on my part: In my tired delirium I somehow confused “Hannover” with “Hamburg,” oversleeping the transfer and waking up halfway across the country. For a moment I thought I was safe when I realized that both the train I was on and the one I was supposed to transfer to were following the same route – but unfortunately my train turned out to be just slightly slower, bringing me into Hannover just three minutes after the Amsterdam train had departed. D’oh!

Luckily I managed to find an alternative route at no extra cost, so after killing an hour at Mc Donald’s I was on my way once again – though it looked like my plans of arriving at 11am and heading out into the Dutch countryside on bike was shot. I was now looking at a 3-4pm arrival.

At least the extra-long train ride gave me a chance to catch up a bit – on blogging, Anki reviews, and reading ahead in Lonely Planet 🙂

  6 Responses to “The Train Doesn’t Wait”

  1. missing trains sucks

  2. Man, that was lucky!

  3. Oversleeping, getting lost, and all the other potential accidents are reasons why I no longer use trains. I also recently fainted on one…so maybe I’m biased. 😛

    Dude, don’t Anki on your trip! You’re making me feel guilty.

  4. Haha I am! Much better to keep up with the reviews now than get home and have 2500 due cards 😛

  5. Tomorrow I leave for Japan and Kobe Samba. I will remember when we were there together.

  6. Have an awesome time! I wish I could be there…but at least this year I’m doing something fun, rather than just sitting at home like last time 😉

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