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In general, I’m not that into tourist attractions like museums and zoos. There’s just something about looking through a glass case or a cage that’s not particularly appealing, regardless of how spectacular the subject may be. It’s probably the same reason why I tend to shy away from tours; I like to see things for myself, to discover, to experience, not to be led around and presented like a child at Disneyland. That kind of tourism usually just feels so…contrived.

Still, every once in awhile there are the exceptions. The Singapore Night Safari is definitely one of them.

An interesting twist on the traditional zoo, the Night Safari is opened – as the name suggests – only at night. It contains a wide array of nocturnal animals that are usually hidden from view; everything from laughing hyenas to giant fruit bats.

It’s all very well done, and actually does feel a bit like wandering around in the jungle – winding trails through dense foliage and the sounds of nature engulfing you from all sides. At times you can’t help but wonder what might be lurking around the next corner. Then you round the corner and find yourself face to face with a bat larger than your head, gazing at you with curious yellow eyes as he considers whether or not you’re there to steal his precious bunch of bananas.

And if that’s a bit too much for the slightly more squeamish, they do offer a live animal show and guided tram ride – the latter being the only way to see some of the really big animals. The guides’ narration is an absolute riot.

Yeah, I’d say the Night Safari is well worth a look if you find yourself in town…just don’t expect many photos, as it’s nearly pitch-black and no flashes are allowed! 😉

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  1. Wasn’t it pretty expensive? I opted out when I was there, simply because it sounded too touristy…

  2. It was a bit, yeah – but everyone I talked to said it was cool and I figured I might not be in Singapore again, so it was (likely) “now or never” 😉

  3. that sounds awesome! We recently went to Hawaii and did a manta ray dive at night, the whole night thing def. adds a squeamish factor, but it was awesome!

  4. I bet the new (announced at Adobe Max but yet to be released) “un-blurring” feature of Photoshop will help restore some of your shots that you wish came out better. Did you hear about or see this in action yet? Very cool.

    Here’s a link to an article about it:

  5. @Rachel: Now THAT sounds awesome! Do you need a night dive certification for that, or just regular open water? I haven’t been diving in SO long :/

    @Allyn: Yeah, I’ve heard about it – can’t wait to give it a try! It’s perhaps even more exciting than their last big feature (content-aware fill) 😉

  6. we just did snorkeling actually since they swim right up to you (you basically shine flashlights which attract plankton, so you are creating artificial feeding.) You can go diving too, but not a huge difference since they are in such shallow water.

  7. Wow, even better…because you can swim as long as you want without having to pay a fortune for equipment, air refills, etc! 😀

  8. The night safari was the highlight of my trip. That and food of course. It was indeed a bit suspenseful at some parts, especially when you’re walking the path alone with a tiny Japanese girl who’s frightened by every sound. But it made sense, because the fence separating you from the howling hyenas was only a few inches from your face.

    It was hilarious when the park staff walked up from behind and found us crawling on the floor. Hey, we figured if the animals couldn’t see us, they wouldn’t pounce at the fence.

  9. Yeah, I remember you mentioning that you really enjoyed it. I thought it was pretty cool – worth going – but I definitely wouldn’t say it was the highlight…

    Haha crawling on the floor?? Wackos 😆

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