Feb 252010

Over the five-year lifetime of this blog I’ve written some wildly different articles – about everything from nerdy ways to customize your cellphone to narratives about epic nights of partying at Brazilian Carnaval. Some of these posts I’ve been particularly fond of, and others I never really gave a second thought. This little blurb about the strange subculture of Hosts and Hostesses in Japan definitely falls under the latter category; yet to my surprise, it’s become one of the most-viewed articles on the entire site. Another top post is this one, containing virtually no discernibly interesting content – 99% of its hits came via Image Search directly to that photo of the Japanese hosts.

Some odd terms people are Googling these days… 😛

Well, I have to admit that ever since I learned about Japanese Host culture I’ve thought it would be an interesting little experience to try working as one for a month or two – I just never quite had the right opportunity (or time) to do so. But lucky for me, a good friend in Osaka has! And he’s blogging every minute of it.

I have to say some of the stories are really entertaining; they remind me in many ways of Ben Ross’s narrative about his experiences working in a Chinese barbershop (see here). A peek into a world almost never experienced by outsiders…through the eyes of an outsider.

Because he’s writing anonymously there is a bit of seedier material, but those who are interested can give it a read at http://www.gaijin-host.com*


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