Aug 252010

For some reason I’ve been experiencing a massive increase in comment spam lately. Though most of it does get stopped by the Akismet filter, it’s still quite a nuisance to have to go through and check them each and every morning – so I’ve gone ahead and implemented a stricter “autorejection” setting in Bad Behavior. If anyone accidentally gets rejected while trying to comment, please let me know.

I’ve also updated the WordPress core and a load of plugins recently, so as always, if any bugs happen to pop up please report them.

Other new features you might notice include:

  • I’ve rewritten the Blog listing page to tie into the fantastic Relevanssi plugin. Searches (via the search box on the top right of the page) can now be ordered by relevance as well as date, comment count, and view count. Each result will now show a Google-style excerpt of where the search phrase was seen, and it’ll search comments as well as post content.
  • User comments now show a flag to indicate country-of-origin (like on my original theme from pre-2009).
  • I’ve updated my own WP-FB AutoConnect plugin to import Facebook profile pictures and use them as avatars. The plugin has just reached 25,000 downloads 🙂
  • For more than a year now, I’ve had this site pushing its new posts to my Facebook wall; comments written on Facebook will now be pulled back to WordPress as well.
  • The 2010 Europe Trip has been added to the TravelLog page.
  • …And numerous other minor revisions (i.e. additions/tweaks to the Projects page, library code updates, etc)

  4 Responses to “Site Revisions”

  1. Nice update…..I need that comment plugin on my site 🙂

  2. I know…I was actually gonna email you directly about it, but figured that since you’re abroad at the moment you’d read this long before finding the opportunity to implement it anyway 🙂

    (Note that I implemented the OrderBy stuff, though. The rest is more-or-less builtin, as long as you properly integrate it into your theme 🙂 )

  3. cool how you can pull in the FB comments.

  4. Isn’t it? I just wish I’d had that functionality sooner! 🙂

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