Feb 152011

The day after our epic boat-and-jetski experience, I awoke feeling hopelessly sick. Apparently the nonstop partying and lack of sleep had finally caught up with me.

…Or had it?

Ironically enough, every single symptom I thought indicated sickness…was due to something else entirely! 😆

• What I thought were sore lymph nodes was in fact whiplash from having gotten clotheslined by those boueys the day before.

• What I thought was a feverish headache was just a mild hangover that went away as soon as I chugged some water.

• What I thought was a runny nose cleared up within minutes of turning off the overpowered air conditioner.

• What I thought was a sore throat was just hoarseness from yelling over an excessively loud soundsystem the night before.

Hah! Within hours of waking up, every symptom (except the whiplash) went completely away. But still, sick or not I figured it was probably time for some much-needed recovery; we had been going at it pretty much 24/7 since I arrived that first night at 1am.

So when Herb announced that he’d be heading to Chantuchak Market to get some souvenir and clothes shopping out of the way, I decided to take it easy and catch up on a bit of computer work.

Not every day can be exciting, you know 😉

  5 Responses to “Sick? Not!”

  1. hahha……that is a nice result to what could have sucked

  2. True…but the whiplash definitely sucked 😛

  3. Ha ha! You shouldn’t use the aircon in hot countries, they will give you a cold 😛 I always choose the fan over the aircon.

    So how was Chatuchak?

  4. Yeah, I’ve been getting fan rooms more lately – sometimes it is just too hot for that though…

    Chantuchak: I assume ur asking Herb.

  5. I didn’t arrive during bustling hours, but Chatuchak could have easily taken up a whole day had I been interested in shopping more. It was a maze of small shops offering different wares–from elephant sculptures to wooden carvings to electronics to live animals. There was definitely more of a focus on things you can take home to adorn your house. They sell a ton of animals as pets (food?): porcupines, caged birds, ferrets, and other furry creatures I have no idea how to name.
    Oh and then I went clothes shopping and bought a $5 belt and $5 glasses that both broke by the end of the trip. I <3 tailann!!!

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