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The following is a continuation of Roskilde: Party of a Lifetime. If you haven’t already, please read that post first.

The conclusion of Roskilde was – just like the festival itself – quite unlike anything I’d ever seen. Even after a solid week of partying, nobody would allow it to end. The stages had shut down. The music was turned off. But that didn’t stop them. People began making their own music – playing the dumpsters and lampposts like drums and cymbals. Those who had instruments would climb a tree and perform for the crowds, which continued dancing as if nothing had changed.

Back in the camping area it was chaos. Primal destruction. After a week’s worth of savage living, most of the tents were foul beyond recognition – nobody wanted to keep them. So they’d shred them. Rip them apart, smash them to bits, stab their air mattresses with poles and bash their stereos with wine bottles. People jumped around like drunken primates crushing and tearing and destroying.

And then, it was over.

When Peder and I awoke in our tent that one final morning, the field around us looked like it’d been hit by a tsunami. I’d never seen so much rubble.

…And the oddities that people left behind were entertaining enough to keep us there for hours. You can’t even imagine some of the weird stuff that people bring to Roskilde – and that they leave behind at the end. By the time we finally packed up and headed out, we were the very last ones there. Security had to tell us to leave.

It was now Monday afternoon. We’d made it through Tour de Denmark in one piece, and the experience of a lifetime had come to an end. I was perhaps as physically and mentally worn as I’d ever been. My face and arms were sunburnt to a crisp. All I wanted to do was crawl into bed and stay there for a week.

But we still had more riding to go.

Onward to Copenhagen.

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  1. Actually, the security does allow the party to continue. Not sure if you remember this, but even in that picture the security was not actually doing anything to remove him. After all, all the security guys were festival goers like you and me. Not a single one of them receives a cent in compensation for the work.

    One person that *did* mysteriosly vanish from the afterparty was ..ehm.. you 😛

    He he, I agree there was loads of good stuff left in the rubble. Keep in mind we only dazed through the small area around our tents. There were loads of other scavengers grabbing what they could carry, and still we brought home at least 10-15 cans of beer, and you could easily collect tents for every single one of your friends back home. Almost sad we were restricted to what we (I) could fit on the bikes 😛

    And kinda ironic how that massive and heavy self inflatable air mattress that I carried all the way home to Norway turned out to be punctured. Doh!

    Oh well, there’s always next year 😀

  2. >>Actually, the security does allow the party to continue

    At that point we were still in the festival area, and they were definitely trying to kick people out. That’s what started the whole parade through the camping area – if you recall, they closed the gate behind us.

    >>One person that *did* mysteriosly vanish from the afterparty was ..ehm.. you

    Haha oh yeah, I totally forgot about that!!!

    >>kinda ironic how that massive and heavy self inflatable air mattress that I carried all the way home to Norway turned out to be punctured. Doh!

    Yeah…MAJOR d’oh 🙁

  3. CRAZY! I was kinda curious about security / safety there. You brought all that crap with you…..weren’t u worried about it getting stolen while u were out partying?

  4. That’s something I was worried about before the festival too, but it really isn’t an issue. I think this kindof falls under the concept of “everyone is amazingly cool and treats you like a friend” – even when you’re not in your tent, there are so many others around to look after your stuff that you really don’t need to worry about it. Besides, everyone is pretty much just there for a good time, not to rip each other off. I’m sure theft does occur from time to time but I didn’t get the sense that it was at all common 🙂

  5. Yeah, I’ve actually never even heard of anyone getting anything stolen. I’m sure it has happened and if you leave a sixpack on the lawn outside your tent it would probably vanish down someone’s throat. But the vibe is really friendly and laid back. Noone steals and everyone’s happy it is like that 😀

  6. I’ve had stuff stolen from my tent at Roskilde twice, I think it’s a lot more common then you’d think…

  7. A friend of mine from Japan who’s been to Roskilde? Now I’m REALLY curious who you are! Patrik, maybe? 😛

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