Mar 082005

Congrats, Dan!

My stepdad’s latest film, Road Kings (title recently changed from Road Dogs) is now available on Amazon.

You can read about it and any of Dan’s other projects on his website,

Looks like all of those late nights editing in your bedroom finally paid off, ‘eh? 🙂

Yoku dekita (well done)!


Dan just provided me with this new (final) version of the poster/DVD cover. What do you all think of this one in comparison to the previous? What do you think makes it better (or worse)?

Although my site is purely a personal journal, you’ll have to forgive me for doing a tiny bit of advertising.

As I mentioned above, my increasing web traffic has really made me happy. Most of you choose to remain anonymous, which is totally fine by me – but as a small favor I’d like to ask, if you’re willing, that you stop by Amazon, IMDB, Blockbuster, or Netflix and leave the film a good rating. Both Dan and myself would really appreciate it.

Also, the soundtrack is coming out in a month or so with original music by Snoop Dogg, ODB, Nate Dogg, members of Korn, Mystic, etc from Liquid 8 Records. We’re looking into adding a simple retail section to his website, so if any of you have recommendations on what makes a “good online store” (preferably with small example sites to provide to his web guys) or even what you like or don’t like about his website in general (aside from the fact that the artwork needs updating) those would be great too.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Tell Dan he is on imdb and that one thing he did awhile ago is rated pretty high.

  2. omedetou!

    *poke* what’s the weather like right now?

  3. Here’s the updated Road Kings art…frankly I’m a fan of the old Road Dogs art stuff, but we had to change the name to Road Kings because there’s another film out there (but we did have it first, they just released theirs before us). Can you run the posters side by side? Who likes which poster and which name better and why? This can be a learning experience for me. I’m all ears. We’ll probably get more hits and DVD sales via your awesome JK site then Blockbuster, Amazon and Netflix combined! Also soundtrack CD out on Liquid 8 Records in a few, with the Snoop Dogg, ODB, Nate Dogg, KORN stuff and all. So, tell them about the record too…We need to make our money back! (Help keep you in rice cakes and ramen, and yes the occasional sushi too.) Oh yeah, and rate it HIGH (5 stars *****) whether you liked it or not…well no, that’s not honest, well then at least be kind. OK y’all. Youdaman, Jus tan.

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