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Two years ago, RitsFest absolutely blew my mind. If you weren’t yet reading my blog at that time, I highly suggest giving this post a look.

I got so pumped from the sheer energy of the two-day campus-wide festival that I resolved never to miss another RitsFest for as long as I lived in Kyoto.

Then the following year it got rained out.

The fun and active crowds were replaced by a hodgepodge of poncho-clad students who seemed more concerned with keeping warm and dry than actually taking part in the festivities. It was a sad, sad day for Justin.

This year, however, the festival returned in full force, and Peder and I were right there to greet it with open arms. It turned out to be such a great two days of live music, jumping into group photos, making friends, and chowing down on various food offerings that we even decided to check out EVE, Doshisha’s 学園祭 as well.

So how did the rival university’s big event measure up? In my opinion the performances weren’t nearly as good, but what they lacked in entertainment they made up for in vibe. Every little alley of Doshisha’s main campus was packed with food vendors shouting slogans, waving signs, striking up conversations, and luring customers in for a quick bite. The two main stages did well enough to fill the air with music, and the smell of Baby Castella and Yakisoba was overpowering. After a few hours of working the crowds I was even given a Member’s Only T-Shirt by one of the clubs, and offered a sign of my very own – I nearly lost my voice attempting to out-shout the other vendors all around me.

But of course, even after four solid days of 学園祭 action, no one could steal the glory from Ritsumeikan’s Double Dutch performance. They’re just too awesome. How the Japanese ever managed to take Double-Dutch Jump-Roping and turn it into something cool will forever remain a great mystery of the universe, but somehow it is true.

Proof? What, last year’s video wasn’t enough? Well, alright then!

Here’s the first video I’ve posted in just over a year. CLICK HERE TO VIEW IT. And make sure you watch at least until 2:00; after that, the real acrobatics start.

*Once Again*
This post contained links to two (2) videos. If you would like to view them, they are as follows:
1) Video of 2005’s Double Dutch Team
2) New Video of 2007’s Double Dutch Team


  5 Responses to “RF2K7 (VIDEO)”

  1. That is AWESOME!!!!

  2. Does everyone in Japan have bangs?

  3. At 1:21 in the new DD video, the guy in the yellow shirt messed up and gets whacked in the face with the rope. Did he commit seppuku afterwards?

  4. Hey Justin…

    Hope you had a Very Merry Christmas =D I’m glad you have kept your blog going…. Every once in a while I will here something about Japan and think of you. I type in your url and cross my fingers, and your blog pops up =D You sure seem to keep busy traveling, it’s great to see all of your pictures.

    I’m still living in San Diego and doing well. I’m planning on going to Brazil next year so I’m eager to see your pictures adn comments on your trip.

    I hope you’re doing well =0)


  5. Noz: Haha you know, I never even noticed the bangs thing! I certainly noticed that guys all seem to have girl-haircuts tho…

    And yes, he did indeed commit seppuku. I know because I was his second.

    Crystal: Whoa, nice to hear from u! When are u going to Brazil? I’m still trying to figure out a way to blog from there…a bit hesitant to bring my laptop cuz of the high crime rate and all… 😮

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