Feb 162005

imageYay! I bought a TV for my room! Now, I know what you’re all thinking – WHY is this guy buying a TV when he’s just barely surviving financially as it is? Well, aside from the fact that I got it used for $30, it’s a GREAT study tool. For some reason 99% of Japanese TV (shows, news, even commercials) has subtitles that match exactly what’s being said, meaning that I can learn BOTH spoken Japanese and kanji. Two birds with one stone. Yeehaw.

On a slightly more…pathetic…note, dispite my best efforts to maintain my appearance since I arrived here, I’ve apparently not only lost a tremendous amount of muscle but became a lot paler too. I was showing the video of my Europe trip to a friend here, and in several of the farther-away pictures she couldn’t believe it was me because I was so much more tan back then. D’oh! And I thought I was pale THEN!

I love this place, but I gotta tell you…it sure is hard to look good here 😛

And since I’ve gone off on a random tangent anyways, you want to hear something REALLY weird about Japan? It’s no big secret that they eat raw fish and raw eggs and stuff here – I do it too, and I have to say, it’s not half bad. BUT THEY DON’T REFRIGERATE THEIR EGGS! In the supermarket the eggs are stacked out next to the veggies, no cooling whatsoever. Snuh?

imageAnd ooone last random fact for the day. These things just keep poppin’ in my head for some reason 🙂 Many of you have probably seen (or at least heard of) the movie Spirited Away (or in Japanese, Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi). Well, you know that crazy big bath-house of the gods? It’s a real place, called Dougo Onsen! And it’s actually pretty close to here. Maybe next month when the cheap student-rate train tickets become available I’ll take a day trip and check it out.

Rant: over.

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  1. TV is soooo helpful. I still miss watching an Italian show called Strisce La Notize (The news slithers like a snake). I learned probably as much from TV/Movies as the classroom. It is perfect for learning how to understand spoken language as you will hear every possible dialect and wierd pronunciation.

    In Italy they didn’t refrigerate eggs either……As soon I got them home from the market, they went right in the fridge though

  2. First time that I post here. I liked the video of your holiday trip in Europe. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I’m in love with you.

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