May 262007

Huzzah! I just made it through another two-week “Push Mode” at work!

Push Mode is the name the company has given to mean “business hours are extended to a minimum of nine hours per day, because a checkpoint of some type is approaching and we want to get as much done as possible before then.” Nine hours is actually not bad at all for the game industry, and especially not bad for a company in Japan. The only thing that makes it tough to deal with is the fact that the late starting time means we don’t get off until 8pm or later, three to four hours after most of my friends.

Oh, and the mysterious absence of overtime pay doesn’t help a lot either 😛

On the other hand, I’ve really been enjoying my evening workouts recently. After half a year of lifting in the morning or during lunch, I finally caved in and splurged an extra $25/month for a full-time gym membership (total: $100/mo). The change was inspired by Kitti, one of my coworkers who “absolutely cannot go in the morning.” But I’m grateful that he convinced me. Lifting after work has meant more time to enjoy my lunches outdoors, more free time to run errands during the day, and busier, more energetic workout crowds at night. Which for me equals motivation.

For whatever reason my drive is highly influenced by those around me. My roomate back in the US was an extreme fitness buff who always kept me on my toes, but here, in a society of people so thin that many of them could turn sideways and virtually disappear from sight, it’s easy to forget what my definition of “fitness” used to look like. And while I have no idea where they all hide during the day, the afternoon Gold’s crowd in Japan looks just like that of any Gold’s in the US. You should see the guy Kitti and I dubbed “The Beast” – last time I saw him he was benching just over 400lbs (180kg).

I also find it challenging to push my hardest in a room that feels completely void of human life (i.e. in the morning)…but fill that room with hot girls on treadmills and adrenaline-pumping power lifters, and my energy suddenly quadruples. As a result I’ve finally started making a serious effort at getting back into shape – I’ve been so motivated that I even started running laps around Nijo Castle at lunch to help trim off all those weekend beers. Hopefully I can manage to keep the energy just high enough to get into beach-shape before summer passes and the leaves start turning red once again.

It’s a ways off, I know, but these things take time people! 😉

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  1. Nice jogging path. The most glamorous thing near me to jog by is a bus stop that bums piss on every night. Glad to hear about the workout burst… I just hit the weights again yesterday after six months of only taekwondo. Ouch.

  2. I log in to find out how my good ol pal Justin is doing recently in Japan….only to discover how much he likes lifting weights at night.


    LOL…love u

  3. jeff, you just have to appreciate the testosterone rush, even for old guys.

  4. Hey Justin- I know I haven’t written in a while but I still read up on your blogs every once in a while to see how things are going with you over there in Japan. Seems like you are still having the adventure of a lifetime. A different perspective now that you are working versus studying but you still find time to have fun. I started trying to visualize what Gold’s Gym in Japan looks like and I was left very curious- especially about this “beast” guy. I sure would be interested in seeing a pic of him.

  5. Noz: Glad to hear it…but hell, even Taekwondo will keep you in pretty good shape, right? Better than 99% of the folks over there, I reckon! 😛

    Jeff: Would you expect any less?

    Dad: Thanks for passing on the obsession. Bastard 😉

    Soraida: I’d be happy to take a picture of The Beast for you.

    …Except that I’m not ready to have my head smashed in quite yet. Too many places left to travel to first 😀

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